BMW i8 How-To: Manual Door/Hood Opening – Video


“BMW technician describes how to open the doors if the battery dies and the proper way to open the hood.”

While opening the doors of the BMW i8 without battery power seems somewhat difficult, opening the hood (with or without power) is darn near impossible.

BMW engineers clearly don’t want i8 owners tinkering under the hood, so the process to open it is so complex that it requires two people, including one BMW tech.

As the BMW tech notes, the hood is so fragile that extreme care must be taken when attempting to open and close it. Or, as the tech advices, take it into your BMW i certified dealer if you need to look under the hood for some reason.  Let the dealer be the one who messes something up.

Under The Hood Of The BMW i8

Under The Hood Of The BMW i8

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11 responses to "BMW i8 How-To: Manual Door/Hood Opening – Video"
  1. James says:

    I saw a reservoir under the hood, presumably for washer fluid…?

    So if I’m one of the few who aspire to own this car, I have to take it to the dealer to fill the washer fluid?!

    1. Craig Askings says:

      Looks like a pressurised vessel, so my guess would be coolant reservoir.

    2. ELROY says:

      That is incorrect. BMW already thought of that. There is an access panel for the washer fluid right by the windshield.

      And, you don’t invest this much money on a low exotic production numbers for a compliance car!

  2. Disappointed says:

    Given What we have just Learned:

    Looks like this is a “Compliance Car”,,just like the i3.

  3. Steven says:

    I imagine there are NASA engineers scratching their heads at the unnecessary complexity of these systems.

  4. Mike says:

    compare this to the documented process in the owners manual for Tesla.

  5. abc123 says:

    Wow. They should have just named the vehicle BMW iWTF instead of i8

    My question is, does the car come with that little screwdriver standard is it an $500 option?

  6. ELROY says:

    With the innovative construction/design, and extremely low production volume, this car is quite a bargain at its sticker price.

  7. Mike says:

    I own one of these and I just love it but I just can’t figure for the life of me why BMW would design a hood that could damage the car if not opened correct – do you think for a minute those monkeys at the dealers are going to know how to open the hood?

    Put a damn hinge on the hood and reenforce the corners – BMW knows what’s happening at dealers!

  8. ffbj says:

    Complicated and Unique = Big Bucks.
    Thanks captain obvious.

  9. lou1000 says:

    Don’t understand why anyone would even consider buying this car vs the top of the line Tesla P85D for less money and much better performance—-