BMW i8 Makes You Feel like A Superstar – Video


BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW recently exposed the Dutch to the i8 by driving it around on the streets.

This begins to be dangerous, as onlookers just can’t look away and  are recording or snapping shots of the i8 while not paying any attention to surroundings.

Is driving in the i8 equivalent to the superstar feeling?

Well, maybe.

However, if you don’t have a spare one hundred-plus thousand in cash lying around, but still would like to be noticed, then you can always go economical with an overpowered horn.

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You really don’t have to make a story out of every promo video that BMW spits out.

I don’t agree. I’m a regular refresher and i’m happy with the pace 🙂

I agree. There’s a fine line between journalism and free ad marketing. Not to be too critical but there really isn’t any new information or any information at all about the i8 in this article. If we wanted to see more pictures and videos we could just type i8 into You Tube.

It’s still much much less than the barrage of Tesla no-news thrown at us, about the 2 year old car.

By your rule, we shouldn’t see articles updating us every time a new super charger is installed. Or everytime Elon opens his mouth to talk some nonsense.

Well at least a new supercharger is news.

To be fair, BMW i3 have generally observed something similar. This was unexpected, since the i3 design and styling has generally not been well received in the various online EV communities. Building a desirable plug-in vehicles goes a long way to promote the technology, and will help sell other cars from the segment. As Jeremy Clarkson recently put it, the BMW i8 is as desirable as a Ferrari and as economical as a Prius. It’s a feat to be able to combine these attributes in a vehicles, and it does make all plug-ins look like the way to the future.

pearl white or blue…. hmmm dont know which i like better

I had as much attention with my Twizy as this BMW i8. The difference is about 100.000 euro’s.