BMW i8 On “How It’s Made” – Video

MAR 18 2015 BY MARK KANE 6

BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW i8 was recently featured on the “How Its Made Dream Cars” series.

It begins with a general presentation and then moves to production videos of electric motor (copper windings in the motor have a total length of over a mile), engine and motor installation, and assembly of the drivetrain.

There is not much on batteries in the video though.

The second half begins with the Life Module made from CFRP and moves onto final assembly. With small-scale production, most operations are done by hand.

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Why does the whole darned video have the fake movie theater around it?

So let’s see how does this car work. It has an electric front axle yes? and the motor assy in the back is pure gas? I thought I read they had a small electric motor sandwiched in the back ICE assy that doubles as a starter motor.

Oh and BMW says they used this design in the new X5 hybrid. How are the 2 similar?

Very bizarre to propose vehicles at the extreme like the i3 and the i8 and nothing in between like a standard BMW 3 series or 5 series.
Beside the i3 is way too much a gas engine vehicle and not enough an electric vehicle. In that sense the i3 is actually more interesting than the i8 which is more about sport car design than about a true electric car.
In a sense it is kind of unnerving to sea all that capability being clearly present but not the will to make the standard sedan electric that is really expected.
The computer world equivalent would be like making a portable pc with Lithium battery but a black and white screen or a portable pc with a color screen but with a huge lead battery.

I think you meant to say the i8 is more of a gas vehicle? The i3 is pure electric and the i3 Rex is pretty darned close.

Yes that is right the i8.