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Here Is A Look At The "Standard" BMW i8

Here Is A Look At The “Standard” BMW i8

BMW has no plans to make an M version of its new hybrid sports car i8, but what would it look like IF…

BMW i8 hybrid sportscar is a phenomenal piece of technology and without a doubt, it showcases the future of many supercars. But that hasn’t stopped many BMW fans, and not only, to dream about a fully-developed M car with the i8 design.

BMW has often denied any claims or rumors that a BMW i8 M will ever make it to the road, but a potential i9 supercar based of the i8 might be in works.

But what if BMW would attempt to build the i8 M? What engine would it use? What other M tech? Some make a reference to a powerful V8 or even a V10 engine under the hood. But both engines are just too heavy and too big for the “green sportscar”. So a more plausible option would be the power unit from the M3/M4 which produces an amazing 425 horsepower and tons of torque.

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What about the visual upgrades? As seen here, the rendered BMW i8 M or Mi8, comes with flared arches, quad exhaust pipes, an aggressive front bumper with air curtains and a redesigned rear bumper.

The ride height of the rendered i8M is also lower than standard, which gives the car a more imposing, sporty look. If that’s even possible.

With these simple visual upgrades added to the car, we can’t help to wonder if any of the aftermarket tuners will dare to tune up the car, visually and under the hood.

For now, what are your thoughts on a potential BMW i8 M sportscar?

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1) more electric power and range
2) gas turbine range extender (small, light, and no reciprocating components)


The engine is the toughest part. One of the first thoughts I had was GSP’s idea of a gas turbine but I quickly discarded that idea as worked GT’s for my engineering decades and it just doesn’t work (lousy MPG and throttle response). You still have to have a semblance of hotness in the engine compartment.

I think the hottest 4 cylinder mounted transversely would make the most sense.

Of course upgraded POWER in the electric department along with the latest and greatest batteries would also be required.

I want a mid engine Corvette from GM with an electric front axle.

However the engine choice in the i vette would also be a tough choice…..or would it. It would have to be a small block V8 of course to satisfy the hard core vette people. Turbo’d and around 260 ci….and lots of electric power up front.

Rumor has it GM is working on it right now.

Looks very mean and sporty! I like it. Perhaps even a 300hp four cylinder based off the N20. Tuned 328i sedan are already making 300hp.