BMW i8 Louis Vuitton Luggage Priced At $20,000


Fits Perfectly

Fits Perfectly

“Exceptional luggage for an exceptional automobile. Louis Vuitton, the pioneer of the art of travel, has created a tailor-made set of luggage for the most progressive sports car – the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid.”

Exceptional luggage for an exceptional automobile comes with an exceptionally high price tag.

Now we can put an exact price on it. A custom set of Louis Vuitton luggage for the BMW i8 will cost $20,000, according to Jalopnik.

Chump change I suppose for those who have the required $135,700-plus to purchase an BMW i8.

We love the BMW i8, but this custom luggage doesn’t seem fitting for such a high performance machine,  We’d be more inclined to dump $20,000 on some upgraded wheels, tires, brakes or suspension components, but maybe there’s a market for $20,000 handbags.  Who knows….

Not Much Room Back Here

Not Much Room Back Here

Source: Jalopnik

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What a steak at 20K, can I get 2 sets in case one gets lost at the airport…

steal not steak obviously

At $20K, the luggage itself would be more valuable than anything I could ever put in it.

Do they sell luggage insurance that covers $20K luggage?

I wonder if I can sell these people “Kdawg brand air fresheners designed especially for the BMW i8 for $7,999 each”.

Why am I reminded of the Jewel app?

only (MOD EDIT) will buy this. When you buy an i8 your just giving money to (MOD EDIT) that will do nothing good for the world but when you buy a Tesla your helping change the world (MOD EDIT)

MOD EDIT : Consider this a warning. If your content continues to follow along this path, you will be banned.

You got that right! BMW is a crap car maker to begin with, dont even get me started. LOL

Wow! That’s intense.

Designed for the 1%

Sounds like another money grab from Louis Vuitton for folks with more money than brains. Probably cost them 10 bucks to make these bags in a Chinese sweat shop. Put a diamond on the handle and you can sell them for twice as much!

Thats very close to the truth I believe.

Why? just Why?

Surely you could go to someone who makes bags and get a set made for $5k that is exactly what you want. Exactly the right color, exactly the right length of straps, exactly the right shape and size for your stuff. This makes no sense to me what so ever. I hope the sales tax is at least 20%.

But it wouldn’t have a LV logo, which I think is the point. 🙂

What? No Louis Vuitton golf bag? What about a burl wood wet bar. Classy.