BMW i8 Listed Among Autocar’s “Best Driver’s Car” (w/video)

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BMW i8 - Autocar

BMW i8 – Autocar

Autocar's "Best Driver's Car's" list and their positions.

Autocar’s “Best Driver’s Car’s” list and their positions.

The brand-new BMW i8 made it on the list of Autocar’sBest Driver’s Car“. It came in 8th place out of 12 cars total.

On the right, you will see the list of 12 cars and the final positions.

When it comes to the “Best Driver’s Car“, it’s not a shocker that the Ferrari 458 Speciale won, as it is purpose-built to be a driver’s car first.  Anything else it does well is just a bonus.

We’re thrilled to see the i8 make the list. Unfortunately you will barely see it or hear it mentioned in the video below.

We’re not bashing Autocar or the cars on the list, we just would have liked to have seen the i8 featured prominently…After all, Autocar does seem to enjoy the i8.

Do you agree with Autocar’s “Best Driver’s Car” list?  Should more plug-ins have been included?  What’s your pick for best driver’s car?

Check out Autocars report here and watch the video below.

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3 responses to "BMW i8 Listed Among Autocar’s “Best Driver’s Car” (w/video)"

  1. Mike says:

    Came to see the next gen in sports cars, and all I got was a lot of noise, and a prodigious waste of resources.

  2. Big Solar says:

    Where’s the I-MIEV?

    1. Phr3d says:

      it was eaten Whole by the snorting, snarling and utterly pissed-off 6th place corvette..