BMW i8 Launches In Middle East – Video


Sheer driving pleasure comes to the Middle East in the form of the BMW i8.

BMW Middle East adds:

“The all new BMW i8, a pulsating ride for your adrenaline!!”

“The future of automobiles has arrived.”

We’re not sure of pricing for the i8 in the various Middle Eastern countries, nor has BMW spoke in regards to availability (special order only, wait times, etc), but we do know that the i8 has landed in the Middle East, marking the next stage in BMW’s push to offer both the i3 and i8 globally.

BMW i8 Launch In Middle East

BMW i8 Launch In Middle East

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BMW has found the place to sell their plug-in car with a ZERO (“0”) mile all-electric range.


The Tesla P85D is The future, this is the past.

It will be a very carless future with only 0,05% of the cars produced today being some kind of only future.

The i8 is the future, so is the Tesla and the other BEV’s and PHEV’s.
Unfortunately also a lot of ICE only too…

+1 Alex

i8 stinks as an ev offering. i3 looks decent as a leaf competitor though.