BMW i8 Launches In UK Priced From £94,845 ($162,000 USD)


BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW announced the price of its luxury sport plug-in hybrid the i8 in the UK, which starts from £94,845 ($162,000 USD) incl. VAT, however on the British website we see £99,895.

47 BMW dealerships have been appointed i agents in the UK, although the entire network can handle the servicing needs of the i8.

The German manufacturer expect to sell a total of 750 units in the first full year worldwide, but we won’t even try to guess how many will be sold just in the UK

For comparison, Tesla Model S P85 base starts in UK from £69,000 incl. VAT.  Given the pricing difference, which would you buy?  A Tesla Model S?  Or a BMW i8?

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4 responses to "BMW i8 Launches In UK Priced From £94,845 ($162,000 USD)"
  1. James says:


    As fast (in acceration)

    More practical (by a country mile)

    Cheaper to run

    Much cheaper to buy

    …the Tesla Model S every time!

    1. Big Solar says:

      + 10

    2. EV says:


      and the i8 looks cool but the Tesla is absolute perfection, its simplistic design makes it so damn clean and sexy, cant name a better looking car.

  2. Alaa says:

    I don’t want to hear anyone complain when Tesla introduces the 500 mile Model S.