BMW i8 Laser Light Animation – Video


Once more time for the win!

BMW i8 Laserlight

BMW i8 Laserlight

BMW is again presenting us with video highlighting the BMW i8 laserlight:

“BMW Laserlights will be celebrating their world premiere as of Autumn 2014. This highly efficient light source is arriving on our roads in a production car for the first time to provide the high beam in the BMW i8 headlight. Boasting an extremely long, unmatched range, the BMW Laserlights system completely redefines standards for safety, efficiency and design.”

This video, unlike some of the previous BMW i8 laser light videos, is considered an animation of the system.  Basically, it attempt to show how the laser light system operates in the most simplistic of ways.

We believe the future of automotive lighting will be this technology, so we suppose it’s best to begin to understand how it works today.

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It has frickin’ lasers!

It does kind of look like a shark.

From the final shot of that video I can only say that it looks like it will be blinding all other drivers on the road. I guess that won’t be the case more than with those stinking Xenon headlights, but still very annoying.