BMW i8 Key Fob Makes Official U.S. Debut


BMW i8 Key Fob

BMW i8 Key Fob

Some 8 months ago, we first reported on the BMW i8 key fob as being “awesomeness in your hand.”

Now, with the first U.S. deliveries of the BMW i8 taking place this past Friday, we catch one more glimpse of this awesomeness.

As BMWBLOG states:

“The i8 key displayed here also has, besides the usual buttons for locking and unlocking, a small display that offers diverse vehicle information such as the remaining range and the levels of lithium-ion battery and tank display.”

“The BMW i8 key fob is for the first time shown in the context of the 2014 BMW i8 Concours d’Elegance Edition unveiled at Pebble Beach.”

And yes…key fobs these days have so much awesomeness in their own right that their debuts are deserving of a post here on InsideEVs.  At least that’s what we think.

BMW i8 Key Fob

BMW i8 Key Fob



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I could buy a nice transportation car for what that key fob cost. LOL

Not sure if “awesomeness” rightly describes something that would cost that much to replace.

It’s like when they show some Arab sheik owns a diamond-encrusted platinum Rolex – is that really “awesomeness” or unreasonable excess?

How long does the battery last?

It certainly looks nice.

It shows “connected”. I wonder what technology they use and what the range is. This might be a useful addition to the security system.

Lets hope it gives other companys some good idea at a much cheaper price.

So BMW i8 owners now have to remember to plug in their car, their phone, AND their key fob every night?

Certainly looks much more advanced, and nicer than the Tesla Remote.

Reminds me of the Segway i2 InfoKey from 2008, but with color graphics.

Don’t lose your keys!

I think it’s reeaally cool and probably not as expensive as one might think. Think of it as an mini ipod with limited functionality….I dont mind paying a premium for something this cool and this well designed

Looks cool, but the thought of constantly charging the fob would get old after a while.

I was surprised to an i8 in the wild on Sunday driving around LA. Hadn’t realized that they were already being delivered.

How long until smartphones replace the key fob? I imagine someone’s done this already?

Very cool indeed! Wonder if it charges while in the car?