BMW i8 Is World’s #1 Selling Hybrid Sports Car


BMW i8s

BMW i8s

There surely is little competition in the “hybrid sports car” category and perhaps that’s why the pricey BMW i8 took the crown as the #1 seller in that category in 2015.

As Car and Bike explains:

“BMW i8, that made its global premiere in 2013, was recently crowned the world’s highest-selling hybrid sports car. Global sales of the Bavarian luxury carmaker’s first purpose-built, plug-in hybrid sports car eclipsed the combined figure of all other hybrid sports cars. To be precise, a total of 5,456 units of the BMW i8 were sold last year.”

Other potential plug-ins in this category for 2015: Porsche Panamera S e-Hybrid, McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder, Cadillac ELR, BMW ActiveHybrid 3, Acura NSX, Ferrari LaFerrari

“The success of the BMW i8 speaks for itself. It is already the world’s most successful hybrid sports car and has comfortably exceeded our own expectations. I can think of no better illustration of the relevance of our young BMW i brand.” – Ian Robertson, BMW Sales and Marketing

BMW i8 sales in U.S. – Through December 2015

BMW i8 sales in U.S. – Through December 2015

Regardless of how it’s categorized, i8 sales have far exceed expectations, so BMW deserves a pat on the back for that.

Source: Car and Bike

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Oh WOW! And the i3 is the worlds best largely Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plactic with suicide rear doors electric commuter car!

They’re on top of the world now!

Don’t forget that the Cadillac ELR is the best-selling FWD luxury PHEV coupe! And the Fusion Energi is the #1 5-seater PHEV midsize sedan!

A gorgious car, that’s not worth plugging in and no fun to race.

I would have fun racing it 🙂

Well, for about six times the cost you could get a La Ferrari, P1 or a 918 thats fun to race but still not worth plugging in.

I plug mine in every time it’s in the garage.
After 10k miles of the most fun miles of my life (every trip is an adventure) I’m averaging 50mpg.
A few 1500 mile trips which were all gas, otherwise the 50mpg would have been higher.

It’s more of a grand touring GT than a track car, however, flick the stick to the left in sport mode and it’s an all wheel drive crisp, responsive and planted machine that can do 0-60 in 3.8 seconds and carve up a twisty road.

That’s pretty rare air in the car world.

The styling and the interior are world class. Carbon fiber, swan doors, AWD with the best of both electric motor and gas engine.

I’d buy it again in heartbeat. Love that the resale value is holding up as well


The i8 is awesome. Whoever doesn’t think that hasn’t driven one.

BMW i8 is really an awesome sports cars. I love it because its glamour and speed.