BMW i8 is Stunning in Live Detroit Auto Show Reveal


The BMW i8 is perhaps the most stunning of all the plug-ins out there today.

BMW i8 Live in Detroit

BMW i8 Live in Detroit

It’s of our opinion that the i8 doesn’t have a bad angle, so we zoomed our lens in on all the angles.

The BMW i8 is expected to go on sale in the US by mid- to late 2014.

Aside from its shocking looks, the i8 carries with it a shockingly high price tag of north of $130,000.

Analysts predict that i8 sales will reach 1,932 globally in 2014.  For 2015, 5,085 units of the i8 are predicted to be sold.

When the BMW i8 launches, it’ll perhaps become the only plug-in on the market to compete for sales with the Tesla Model S.

BMW i8 Live in Detroit

BMW i8 Live in Detroit

BMW i8 Live in Detroit

BMW i8 Live in Detroit

BMW i8 Live in Detroit

BMW i8 Live in Detroit

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Compete with Tesla? Does that thing even seat more than 2? Looks like another overpriced almost electric car. I would likely choose my Imiev over that any day but definitely my MS.

Whole different driving experience. Bet compared to the Model S, this car weighs at least 1000lbs less? Probably much more efficient, and certainly more nimble and quicker on a road course with lots of curves. Definitely more exclusive, and advanced in technology than a Model S, and certainly more so when compared to a Imiev! Different type of car.

Awesome, someone that understands basic physics. Actually, I think the i8 is nearly 2000 lbs less than the Tesla. Err.. or somewhere between 1500-2000..

I agree. The i8 and i3 efficiency are off the charts when compared to the Tesla model S with respect to EV range per battery capacity. Actually, I did calculations awhile back and the Tesla is the least efficient of all available EVs due to its sheer weight.

Tesla supporters/owners don’t seem to understand the concept of momentum and inertia and still claim the Model S out handles the i8. I’ve gotten into many arguments and they’re only argument is, “Tesla CG is low.. Tesla CG is low.. Tesla CG is low.” It’s like a broken record.

Actually he demonstrated no understanding of physics and a blatant disregard for performance numbers.
You demonstrated how much imperial units suck.
i8 is about 600kg lighter than Model S85. That’s about 1300lbs in retarded units.

BMW i8 is a tragic joke because it’s not even faster than Model S when it uses the combustion engine and pure electric it’s not even fast at all.
Yet it costs a lot more than Model S.
It was a big mistake to make it primarily a combustion engine car. Only fools will buy this. People who don’t understand that it’s electric drive that’s cool. Not a garbage combustion engine

Sorry.. but I’d take the i8 over a Tesla, mostly for the incredible looks of the car both inside and out. That’s assuming money were no object. From what I gather the EV mode of the car offers acceleration in the ballpark of the Volt or Leaf. I could live with that, and the EV range is sufficient for my daily commute. So yeah, I’d take the i8.

I couldn’t live with the acceleration especially for that kind of money. lots of other things I would consider too when comparing the I8 with the Model S like not made in USA, no passenger or cargo room, more maintenance on the I8 etc.. etc…

Dont forget, money is an object.

Remember, when talking speed, the i8 in a 2 mile race would be running away from a Tesla. None of the consumer production EVs have top speed on par with the ICE variants. Even my 335d has run 110-114 mph in the qtr, 3.9 sec 0-60mph..(see hotrod182 on dragtimes, or youtube ), would walk the S in a higher speed race. The Tesla is great off the line, but most highway speed runs, etc, would not be favorable for it.

So are you placing an order?

Does speed and acceleration over 100 mph all that important to you? Are you planning on tracking the car?

Highways speeds if you mean breaking the law, go straight to jail highway speeds in the U.S., then yes, the i8 can go up to 160mph. The Model S is likely to be a higher performer at any speed below 100 mph.

Don’t forget, the i8 is a bargain compared to other flagship hybrid exotics like the $1 million Porsche 918, etc.

I agree with all of that but I personally need space for cargo and people and 0 to 75 or 80 is everything to me when the speed limit is 75 at most around here. At 90K for my MS that leaves a lot of cake (like 40K left over at least). My last house only cost 60! My main point would be that the I8 and Tesla arent really comparable but they are compared a lot because there arent that many plug in choices yet.

Wow. I’m amazed BMW could get away with a car where you literally drop dead the moment you hit the gas. Sounds dangerous.

It’s a plug-in hybrid “exotic” sports car, not an EV. Different vehicle category both in propulsion and type, not to mention target demographic.

lol imieve

I’m not interested in these cars that do not even have double-digit kWh batteries. What’s the fricken point of making it a plug in?

I guess its better than not plugging in at all. 80% of my driving is 15 miles round trip at most. If I had a volt I wouldnt burn 30 gallons per year.

Because it’s a hybrid, not an EV.

So get rid of the plug then, and just call it a hybrid, not a PHEV.

Looks like a winner but does have to overcome some relatively sluggish performance compared to its competition (not Model S although it is faster accelerating). Perhaps the low weight will offset the subpar acceleration. Will be interesting to see how the buyers in the supercar market see it. Looks are definitely there, IMO.

Always interesting to see a group of people that would never be in the market for a certain car sit around and waste their breath explaining why they wouldn’t buy a car they can’t buy.

I’m disappointed in the meager battery also, but any plug-in is better than none at all. Unless they get crazy on the price.