BMW i8 High Resolution Wallpaper / Image Gallery


Here it is in detail.

Check out those lines and that interior!!!

The general consensus seems to be that BMW knocked this one out of the park visually.

We say that the i8 is pure eye candy and quite possibly one of only a handful of BMWs that call out for attention.

What say you?

Peruse the gallery of high-resolution (wallpaper-plus sized) BMW i8 images and then let us know what you think if its design.

Gallery: Double Click to Enlarge

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4 Comments on "BMW i8 High Resolution Wallpaper / Image Gallery"

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Just compare the isometric cutaway of this thing with the Tesla and you see what a terrible waste of space this design is compared to the Tesla S.

Very good looking and not to be compared with a Tesla that is more practical. An electric 5 series is a Tesla competitor this fights with the top end sports cars where looks absolutely trump practical considerations. Nice car good for the image of EV’s but not an industry changing fore runner like the model S or the Leaf. These cars changed history this car will help incredibly rich ugly fat men get laid.

Looks like a new version of the Fisker Karma. It worked out well for Karma, maybe they’ll have the same success.

What a waste of space and unnecessary complication. No front trunk. High center of gravity and high polar moment. Too bad the major manufacturers are afraid to go big with a pure electric vehicle.

All you can say is that it’s pretty good looking.