BMW i8 Hellcat Rendered


We’re sure you imagined what a BMW i8 would look like with a supercharged Hellcat engine on board, right?   No?  No one has.

Well, even if you didn’t, these guys have got you covered.

The ClickMechanic team took it upon themselves to render a car none of us would’ve dreamed of ever seeing, pretty much negating the plug-in value.

That’s a BMW i8 with a Hellcat engine and a massive blower on top. If that’s not enough to turn you off, just look at that styling above the rear wheel and that awful rear lip.

Finishing off the WTF touches are some slicks and deep-dish steel wheels.

The render, commonly referred to as a mashup, takes the technology packed BMW i8 back in time to the late 60s, with the result being the ugliest i8 we’ve ever laid eyes on.

The BMW i8 wasn’t the only car to see its beautiful design destroyed though. Check out this mashup to see beauty turned beastly.

via ClickMechanic

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4 Comments on "BMW i8 Hellcat Rendered"

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earl colby pottinger

If it needs a air intake, make a ton of noise and spews out a smelly exhaust the only place I want to see this machine is the scrap yard.

Why is this in an EV blog? And don’t tell me it look beautiful, to me it look ugly even without consider how it is powered.


Is it April already?

David Murray

What an abomination! That god it only exists in somebody’s imagination.


Did a little kid do these?