BMW i8 Goes Ultra Low…Way Too Low – Video


Lowered BMW i8

Lowered BMW i8

We continue to see more and more hideously modified BMW i8s.

This one features tanks in the rear (nitrous?…we think not) and an air suspension (yes…that’s what the tanks are for) that allows the i8 to basically lower to the ground.

Then there’s those ugly gold wheels…

We’ve seen most of the other i8s in this video in the past, but the flat black example at the start of the video is the focus here and might possibly be the most poorly modded i8 yet.

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7 Comments on "BMW i8 Goes Ultra Low…Way Too Low – Video"

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As if they weren’t HIDEOUS Enough from the Factory…Goes to show you ,When something is not right from the Get Go ,Customizing it, is 0nly a Band aid Effect…It Will Never Fix It …BMW Needs To start With a Clean Sheet Of Paper…..N0 MATTER WHAT !

This looks better than Justin Biebers’s chrome and gold trimmed Model S…

No such thing as too low! Looks great.

Until you get high centered on speed bump.

Yes there is.

I like the gold wheels, but I am disgusted by abusing the tires until they smoke.

“might possibly be the most poorly modded i8 yet”

You know…I’m getting pretty tired of the bashing going on here.

If EVERYone liked the same things, the world would be a pretty FN boring place.

Give kudos for a job well done, even if it isn’t to your tastes.

We’re all here to support the advancement of EV’s, and last time I checked, NOT A SINGLE ONE of those i8’s had their electric motors ripped out.