BMW i8 Goes Grocery Shopping, But Will It Fit? – Video


Will It Fit?

Will It Fit?

Turns out the BMW i8 is a grocery-getter, provided that your shopping list is on the small side and that you don’t have any rear-seat occupants.

Just shove everything on the tiny parcel shelf in the rear of the car, slam the glass down to squish all the items and then shove extras onto the rear seat (it’s basically useless for carrying passengers anyways).

Of course, the i8 isn’t ideal for grocery shopping, but this video shows that it can work for such a mundane task.

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It would have fit also in the frunk of a Model S. 😀

Dear i8 shopper,
Do not confuse the engine compartment cover, AKA, the Hood, for a “Frunk”.
If you accidentally open the hood,
the car will require “Flat Bed” transport to your dealer, where two trained technicians will attempt to realign it and carefully close and latch it.

That is one Over-priced Over-rated Flimsy P00r Excuse of a Car …Hey ,But what do I know?

Yes, what do you know?

Anyone who can afford a $100,000+ car can afford a daily driver. Heck, most people with the higher-end Mercedes(es?) well under 100k have a _third_ car in the house. The ones that don’t typically live in developments that don’t require daily driving, such as a dense neighborhood, or an onsite market.

I am always somewhat confused by these sorts of videos. The i8 is really not designed for shopping, it’s a bit like trying to road trip in a LEAF where there is only patchy fast chargers, drag racing a smart car or complaining about the cost of a Tesla.

There is a place for all these cars but why pretend that taking an hour to pack an i8 with food means that it “works”?

very strange

I thought the Ford Focus EV had a small trunk!

Thanks for the example of how impractical this car is.