BMW i8 Gets Wrecked

OCT 10 2015 BY STAFF 6

According to BMWBLOG, a Facebook post shows that this “BMW i8 got damaged in a crash in Arizona. The details surrounding the crash are unknown at the moment and apparently the insurance company is still assessing the damages, which at this point are around $30,000.”

BMWBLOG explains the extent of the visible damage as follows:

“The damages seem to be primarily on the left rear quarter with the suspension completely gone and the wheel nearly broken off its arm. The spring is also out of the car while the front door and rear bumper will need to be replaced as well.

If the carbon fiber frame has been damaged in the crash, this i8 will likely be declared a total loss.

The air bags have been deployed, another costly repair in case the insurance company doesn’t total the car.”

BMW i8

BMW i8

So one might want to be aware when purchasing the latest technology, that it is often also the most expensive to repair and maintain.  In other words, its pays to keep your i8 safe.


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I wonder if he was street racing at the time and recording it on some Go-Pros. We never get to see any incriminating street racing videos where the sh!t hits the fan.

I passed a damaged i8 on the AZ-202 freeway on the way to the airport a few weeks back, I wonder if that was it. It was sitting on the side of the road with obvious rear damage, but was hard to tell how much from 80mph. It was also the only i8 I’ve ever actually seen in person.

It could simply be a parking hit.
There’s some tire mark that might tell so.

Not if the airbags deployed.

The carbon fiber frames can be fixed much easier then aluminium frames and the would be as strong as when new. I hope the author keeps us posred on the outcome of this i8. Sad sight.

It looks pretty totaled to me.

If they can fix that car to “like new” after an accident like that then I would be very impressed.