BMW i8 Gets Wrecked by Test Driver in Germany


It was bound to happen eventually, right?

On a rain-drenched German highway, the BMW i8 proved too much to handle for even a skilled test driver.

It’s believed that the rain, along with a high rate of speed, led to the crash.  The i8 skidded off the road and into a nearby guard rail.

The rest of the details are unknown to us at this time.

A wrecked BMW i8 is not something we enjoy seeing, but crashes unfortunately seem to be an increasingly common occurrence when it comes to performance vehicles.

Source: Mietwagen-talk

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Hopefully no injuries.

Here is the corresponding German press coverage, for what it’s worth. The driver walked away without injury, but the car is toast:

Ouch. I guess a good test crash in the real world.

well isnt that just lovely

I too hope that no one was hurt.

Worth noting the lack of flames and the lack of vast amounts of fuel on the road, could it be by reducing the size of the fuel tank these cars might pherhaps be maybe just ever so slightly less likley to catch fire…… no you’re right probably just a coincedence.

While the i8 tank is 10.5 gallons, it is not as small as the i3 REx 2.4 gallon tank.

The M5 and M6 have 74 liter (24 gallon tanks), the ICE version of the Smart car, (I believe) is around 10 gallons. I hadn’t realized it was that big though, still quite impressive.

I am still of the opinion that reducing the size of the fuel tank will make a big difference in terms of safety for mid to high speed crashes.

Meh, it happens. But it’s an interesting point that with higher and higher performance cars there might be more and more crashes. The Model S certainly seems to get in a lot of single vehicle accidents due to much too high speed.
If the nitwit cars makers did an EV right we could all have 4 second acceleration for cheap. And that might lead to a lot of crashes by people who don’t understand the physics of a fast moving car.

How come their stock didn’t tank like the Tesla fire???

Could it be because the BMW i8 didn’t catch fire after this accident, unlike the three Tesla Model S’s that did catch fire after an accident? BMW also has $76 billion of gross income from the sale of it’s non-electric ICE vehicles, while almost all of Tesla’s gross income comes from the sale of it’s BEV Model S.

Doubt we’ll see “Fearsome three cylinder puts ICE tech into question”. Stay tuned.

tyres are Too narrow

215/45 R20 seem decent size to me. I think you are referring to the i3 narrow 155s.

Narrow has little to do with the grip. That’s a common misconception.
You can’t trust your intuition on that. Think about how well a race bicycle can brake with disc brakes. Even though the footprint is a few mm wide.

What you are missing is that the smaller the size the higher the pressure per area.

Anybody know a body shop that repairs carbon fiber?

With Li-ion battery AND gas tank and it didn’t catch on fire?

Sorry, no more excuses for Tesla… j/k. =)