BMW i8 Gets Custom Louis Vuitton Luggage


“Exceptional luggage for an exceptional automobile. Louis Vuitton, the pioneer of the art of travel, has created a tailor-made set of luggage for the most progressive sports car – the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid.”

Says BMW.

No, we don’t cover custom luggage on this site.

What we’re interested in here is in showing both the rear seating area and trunk of the BMW i8.

As it turns out, you need this custom-sized luggage to fit in the slot of a trunk and are those actually seats back there?

Versatility, at least in regards to cargo capacity and passenger-hauling capabilities, is not a selling point for the BMW i8.

Fits Perfectly

Fits Perfectly

Not Much Room Back Here

Not Much Room Back Here

For those interested in the luggage:

“The Louis Vuitton luggage series will be available upon request in a selection of Louis Vuitton stores worldwide (Munich, Milan, London, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles) starting April 1st 2014.”

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Do they also make luggage to fit my Prius?

And a I know another reason to never buy BMW, much less an I8

I would never spend a cent on something like this, but there are many people in the world who not only would, but would look at such accessories as a reason to buy the car in the first place. This is a BMW we’re talking about, after all. (Confession: I once owned a 325is and loved it.)

If something as silly as fancy luggage gets even a few more people driving on electrons or makes them happier and more likely to tell others about the car, then it’s a big win for everyone.

louis vuitton is so overrated and lame

why ? because it’s french ?
germany = best cars
france = best luxury, best trains alstom, best warfighters dassault rafale, best rockets Ariane kourou, best roadnetwork, cheapest internet, best planes Airbus.