BMW i8 First Global Deliveries – Video


“See the highlights of the first world wide delivery of the new BMW i8 which took place at BMW Welt in June.”

The i8 deliveries that BMW is referring to occurred  in Germany where 8 i8 buyers received keys to their plug-in hybrids.

Above is video of that event, with some words from the first i8 owners.

BMW i8

BMW i8

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3 Comments on "BMW i8 First Global Deliveries – Video"

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Somehow the i8 seems so irrelevant.

I don’t understand why you think the i8 is irrevalant? I think its extremely relevant.

It is show of force from another major manufacturer who is actually putting their R&D budget into a real range extended vehicle and catering to the rich performance crowd.

Remember Musk’s comment about the lack of adoption from the other major automotive manufacturers despite Tesla’s success? Right now, the only auto companies that believe in EV’s are Tesla, Nissan and BMW. Thats it.

That needs to change.

Fair enough. No doubt more practical cars will come later.