BMW i8 Featured In Fully Charged – Video

SEP 19 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

BMW i8

BMW i8

Here’s the next short BMW i8 review appearing from what seems to be an endless pool.

This time, Robert Llewellyn throws in his two cents on the i8 in the latest episode of Fully Charged.

As a long-time Nissan LEAF owner, Robert liked hearing the engine sound again, which has us a little worried.

Driving experience verdict: extraordinary.

“A short and at times very fast first drive in the £100,000 BMW i8.

“All filming done on closed roads at Millbrook proving ground.”

“This is a plug in hybrid supercar that is, without question, extraordinary.”

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Beats most V8 sports car with only a 1. 5 liter 3 cylinder engine and electric assist. Pretty impressive. The Tesla would need about 40 more horsepower to match the qtr mile trap speed of the i8. So basically on a roll on acceleration contest from 50mph, the Tesla would be left behind.

True but the Tesla doesn’t need to use gas. That’s kind of the whole point. There’s quite a few $140,000 plus gas sports cars that can beat the Tesla in the 1/4. Sure the i8 does it with less gas but gas nonetheless.

The Tesla only loses by a little and costs over $40K less, seats 5 people comfortably with actual luggage and does all of this on pure electrons. On pure electrons the $140K i8 can’t beat a Volt.

I drive 15 miles a day to work, so the i8 could do that on all electric. The gas engine is there anytime I need more power. The gadgets, and seating, interior design and quality exceeds the Tesla. Remember it is easy to get model S above $120k, the i8 comes pretty much fully equipped. And if you need to cruise at 150mph, or go 350 miles, the Tesla wouldn’t be capable of that either. So each car can do things the other can’t. The i8 is definitely more exclusive.

“So basically on a roll on acceleration contest from 50mph, the Tesla would be left behind.”

Eventually, but not right away:

Both take 1.8s to go from 45mph to 65mph, and if you look at the 0-50 and 0-70 data at the end, you see that the Tesla goes from 50-70 in 2s, while the i8 takes 2.1s, and that’s with the engine running full tilt throughout as opposed to a rolling start.

Car&Driver does rolling start tests:

The Tesla smokes the i8 in those tests due to zero lag.

Hmmmm, so much for the ev-smile.. Bring on the laugh-out-loud i8 experience.. I want one!

I’ve ridden in a steam locomotive powered train a couple of times and I do miss the smoke, the sooth, the clanking, and the jerking, oh for about 10 minutes. Any longer than that and the “novelty” wears off rather precipitously.

But the vicor got 112 MPGe and the Race Driver about 30 MPGe since it was mostly on gas.
It’s your choice drive like you care, or race and endanger yourself and OUR planet.