BMW i8 Fake Engine Note Revealed – Video


For those who don't know, The exhaust outlet in the i8 is hidden.

For those who don’t know, The exhaust outlet in the i8 is hidden. Screenshot per Consumer Reports video.

The Fast Lane Car shows us the new BMW i8 and the new 2015 Ford Mustang with the 2.3L I4 Ecoboost. Why? Both vehicles have at least one thing in common.

The audio systems in both vehicles are used to enhance the vehicle’s engine and exhaust noise. “For those almost V8-like sounds“.

We will use the term “Enhanced Audio,” as “fake” might sound a little harsh.

Understandable, perhaps…you may or may not enjoy the sound a typical 4 cylinder makes. Not too many 3 cylinder vehicles are out there, but that’s what the i8 features.

Especially in vehicles such as the Mustang and the i8…most owners want it to sound, for lack of a better word, sweeeeett! It appears that the audio enhancements are to add to the enjoyment and thrill that you can get with both vehicles.

There seems to be many mixed emotions with the audio system enhancing the engine and exhaust notes. Some like it, some don’t. What are your thoughts?

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A concealed exhaust port? Pitiful and embarassing.

Location of Exhaust :

In a deep puddle , water is churned producing a sound that “Simulates” the sound of a Power Boat!
Now you get the “Ultimate Simulated Driving and Boating Machine”.
The only thing not “Simulated” is the price,
$135,000 plus options, tax and license and Dealers are tacking on another $100,000 for reasons that we all understand.
Note: Do not read yesterday’s insideEVs post on how to open the doors and the hood if you are seriously considering spending $250,000 for one of these i8s.
The problems are real, Not simulated!

This is great! If people want to listen to engine noise, let them do it in the cabin of their car without sharing with the entire neighborhood. It’s the best of both worlds!

PS, can we do this for crotch rockets and Harleys too? 🙂

No. I like the sound of my Harley, just as it is. Thank you very much.

But if the green light a Sportster version of the Livewire, some considerations will be made.

Why can’t Harley riders cruise quietly through family neighborhoods and only rev their engines (to the ridiculous decibel levels they seem to enjoy) on an open road somewhere? Why do they feel the need to be as loud as possible everywhere they go?

The Pamela Anderson and Diane Kruger of the automotive world.

More like the Jocelyn Wildenstein of the automotive world.

Mitsubishi used it first time in their 3000gt turbo model, it was the button to turn on/off. It was in 1991.

That’s not what the 3000GT/Stealth had.

That system was simply an electronic exhaust system that changed the amount of restriction in the exhaust airflow; what you heard was “real” in both modes.

In contrast, the EcoStang/i8 are using electronic sounds played back through speakers.

Finding out that your uber-expensive BMW i8 sports car has been faking its engine note is like a man finding out that all his lovers may have been faking the big O. 😀

I agree! Suppress as much of the normal exhaust sounds and instead, put them inside the car! I hate it when ricers rev they’re engines down my dead end street!

Heck.. just put the exhaust port inside the cabin.

Definition of Fake is “To engage in feigning, simulation, or other deceptive activity”
simulated engine noise sounds like the perfect representation of FAKE to me.
Especially calling it “Active Noise Control” – hiding fakery behind fancy names.
Making it compulsory compounds the fakery of it.

Senator Vreenak has something he would like to say.

Well they might want to put a speaker by the muffler too. So at least it sounds similar. Heck, there are active valves in mufflers, etc, mainly to enhance the sound of the car anyways.

Once the sound of an EV motor whirring becomes the new definition of power, gas engine exhaust noise will sound like horse farts.

The Ford could not look more bored.

The Ford rep.