BMW i8 Expected To Go On Sale Within Weeks of i3 in US; More i Models Likely


With the BMW i3 now not expected to launch in the US until Q2 of 2014 (April 1 through June 30), it seems the i8 will be hot on its heels.



Automotive News says that BMW North America CEO, Ludwig Willisch, is the source for the i8’s pushed up (?) sale date, which is now claimed to be within weeks of when the i3 hits US shores.

Surely the two Bimmers won’t compete against each other, as one (i3) is a mid $40k vehicle and the other (i8) north of $125,000.

Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see how BMW can handle the near-simultaneous launch of two revolutionary vehicles that operate in different ways, with one being a pure EV or optionally an extended-range electric and the other operating more like a plug-in hybrid.

Will there be more i BMWs in the future?  We say absolutely.  BMW holds trademark rights to i1 through i9.

Remember the i3 Coupe Concept?  That’ll soon become the i4, if we had to guess.

Source: Automotive News

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I think the i8 looks awesome. In fact, I think it looks better than the Tesla Model-S or the Cadillac ELR. Unfortunately, the price will make it a very low-sales vehicle.

Well, the model s is a sedan, so the comparison is a stretch. Comparing it to the roadster might be more appropriate.

I do agree, though; it looks better than all Tesla cars, and all BMW cars ever made for that matter, because this is one beautiful automobile 😉

It would be interesting to have the i5 and the i7. The i5 especially in Touring version would be the real handy do it all familly car and the i7 would be in line with the Tesla Model S. The i7 would even have a flexibility that the Model S doesn’t have through its Rex.