BMW i8 Does What It Was Not Intended For, Drifting In The Snow -Video

FEB 6 2016 BY JAY COLE 4

BMW i8 Drifting (via DoctaM3)

BMW i8 Drifting (via DoctaM3)

A few days ago we saw of a video (via YT DoctaM3) documenting a pretty unusual environment for driving a new BMW i8 supercar – the snow.

DoctaM3 got in touch with us to say he had made a subsequent video that shows the BMW i8 in a less controlled setting, having a little more fun drifting in some winter accumulation.

And regardless of what you drive, who doesn’t enjoy a nice afternoon drifting in the snow? Still, probably not exactly an activity BMW was envisioning for its car.

Check out Docta M3’s first video of the “winter wagon” i8 here, or other supercar videos from his YT homepage here.

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Julien Gélinas

Funny how the BMW i8 makes all headlines on electric cars websites because it’s a good looking car and it’s from the electric BMW i series, but by it’s nature, it almost never runs on electric energy and is basically a gaz-guzzler for what the car was intended for.

Not really an electric car in my book. More like a regular gasoline sport car taking advantage of the torque of an electric motor for low speeds.


Amen! I don’t see the point to this car, let alone highlighting it regularly with the likes of the Model S, Leafs, Volts, etc. If I wanted to drive a true performance gas car I could buy a couple gently used Nissan GTR’s for the price of a new i8- and absolutely destroy the BMW. Heck, you can buy a new Subaru WRX STI and likely beat the BMW- with money left over to put down on a condo. I don’t understand the car but maybe I’m missing something… There’s a low mileage 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo on Autotrader right now for $139k, I think I’d rather buy that over the BMW, if I was into ICE’s… which I’m not..


Just remember, the thing that enables drifting is 100% gasoline (rear wheels are exclusively powered by gas).


Actually, not true. First part of the video is in e-mode, other parts are in hybrid. You can do a FWD drift 😛