BMW i8 Curiosity Video


What Do Horse Have In Common With The BMW i8?  Curiosity...Of Course

What Do Horse Have In Common With The BMW i8? Curiosity…Of Course

“Every revolutionary idea is born of curiosity and vision. Discover the new BMW i8.”

Man riding a horse is a result of curiosity.

Similarly, the BMW i8 represents the curious vision of engineers and designers.

If we weren’t curious, we wouldn’t be riding horseback or driving vehicles likes the BMW i8.

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Nice commercial.

4000 BC! Now that is an OLD SCHOOL EV!

Indeed an older-style EV, an Equestrian Vehicle.

Uses no gas; might pass some…

Emulation is not revolution…

I just keep thinking “we’re still cavemen”… ;oP

Best line of the week.

The venue, size of the horse, the human is wrong, if they are trying to represent, even a fantasy version of the first domestication of the horse. Horses where much smaller, similar to the Mongolian horse of today, and the Eurasian Steppes is the locale, of where is is believed they were first domesticated.. Also the would not be a caveman, wearing a loincloth. But more like a sheep costume covering most of the body the fur turned inwards. It’s cold there.

It is a commercial not a documentary.