BMW i8 On Consumer Reports’ Talking Cars – Video


The BMW i8.

The BMW i8.

In this video segment, Consumer Reports discusses the BMW i8, but it doesn’t stop there. Consumer Reports brings in the Tesla Model S too.

As mentioned in the video, the Model S and the i8 are two completely different cars.

In regards to the BMW i8, Consumer Reports seems blown away by its complexity and states that no other car has drawn as much attention in the past 10 years of testing vehicles at Consumer Reports.

One other aspect that Consumer Reports hits on is that the BMW i8 feels/accelerates more like a conventional car, whereas the Model S, with its instant torque, really wows you.

There’s a lot of interesting commentary in the video, including a discussion on PHEV and BEVs in general and even some info on the new Subaru WRX (no plug).

So, check it out and let us know your thoughts in comments below.

Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S.

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Is “complexity” in a car a good thing? Blown away? I would think they would be concerned… especially compared to the relative simplicity of the Tesla.

People who buy cars as expensive as the i8 can hardly be considered consumers. They have the economic might of a whole village. Maybe The Economist can do a review as well 😉

The i8 gets a lot of attention, for its looks as well as performance. What would it be worth to drive it for 15 minutes, on city streets, as a lark?

“Drive it on city streets for 15 minutes as a Lark”

In 15 minutes, in electric mode, you have completely exhausted your battery charge, while the car has been limited to a top speed of 75mph. The “tweeting” you hear is being piped into the cabin as the
“Simulated” sound of a V8, to mask the cars 3 cylinder engine.

A “Lark”, I think not,,,more like a “Pigeon!”

Tesla might win in a straight line, but I think i8 will win in the corners with about 1,300lbs weight advantage…