BMW i8 Configurator Charges Up


The 2015 BMW i8 has been available in the U.S. since August, but it wasn’t until more recently that the i8 configurator came online.

Configuring the i8 is a simple process: choose a world (Mega, Giga, Terra or Pure Impulse), select a color and interior, choose your wheels and you’re all set.

There are zero stand alone options on the BMW i8.  So, basically you pick the world that offers the options you’d like on your i8.

Maxed out, a BMW i8 goes from a base price of $136,650 to $147,450.

Configure your future (wait times are reportedly years, not months) BMW i8 here.

BMW i8 Interior

BMW i8 Interior

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136k is a bit out of my price range, but I’d forgo either the 2k,3k, or 11k option packages since the basic car seems nice enough.

2 or 3 k for LED’s doesn’t cut it… Ill take the standard incandescent headlights. The incandescent halogen (quartz Iodine) headlights in my roadster (all 240 watts of them) are the best headlights I’ve ever seen on a car. And they are instant on, unlike the tentative xenon replacements Tesla wanted to put on for another 3k.

I have LED’s in my house, but the meager savings in a car?? I’m unconcerned about that. The incandescents in a car are on for so few hours that I’ll accept the inefficiencies.

11K for leather seats and LED’s sounds too pricey. Unless they are very nice seats.

These are not LED light. Those come much cheaper, and I see them on Lexus and Honda Accords now-a-days. These are leading edge laser lights.

Please check that out in BMW i8 video on insideevs.

“11K for leather seats and LED’s sounds too pricey.”

That is BMW standard operating procedure. Somewhat high base price and much higher price to get the car geared up well.

Whatever. It is an expensive car with worthless back seats and has an all-electric range of ZERO miles. Fail.

Spec It’s a sports car! Nobody cares about the back seat. The i8 is important because it furthers the narrative that electric cars are awesome and have great performance. We are not going to change Joe Schmoe’s mind with the iMiEV and LEAF. Those are great cars, but very limited. Stories of not using heat in winter and driving 55 in a 75 zone to conserve range are inspiring to people like us who believe that energy conservation is important, but turn off Suzy Q in the Burbs. Political demogogues are hostile to these mini cars. Top Gear mocks them Then along comes Tesla and the i8. Top Gear is forced to admit that they are both fantastic cars. Joe Schmoe sees them and wants them. Politicos have to admit people want these. None of them understands AER. They just see the i8 is electric. And that it is competitive with a Porsche 911. And then they compare the i8 eMPG to a 911 and they start thinking Tesla and BMW approached this from different vantage points and both succeeded in making a great product. BMW will learn from i3 and i8 mistakes just as Tesla learned fun Roadster and… Read more »

And off the line acceleration is slow 🙂

But it will catch up in the corners.

When will the Tesla fan clubs understand the fact that Sports cars are as much straight line as cornering…

Model S is only half way there.

Model R will be able to do both…

Model S is a 5+2 sports sedan not a sports car.

And BMW is not even half way there on the powertrain.

Pleeeaase! Putting 3-8 year old kids in the trunk is not humane! Don’t take my word for it, check out what Edmunds thinks about those jumper seats.