BMW i8 Chased By Kawasaki Ninja ZX636R – Video


Yes, the BMW i8 is fast. Almost too fast for this Kawasaki Ninja ZX636R (Try to say that 10 times fast).

As you watch the video, keep an eye on the bike’s speedometer (in KM/H) to guesstimate the i8’s speed.

We’re surprised that the bike wasn’t able to easily catch the i8.

And hey, this may well be this first time we’ve seen the turn signal indicator lights lit up on rear of the i8.

The i8's turn signal is cool!

The i8’s turn signal is cool!

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It’s not so surprising that the bike didn’t catch the i8 easily – the excellent power to weight ratio of a sportbike may help with acceleration, but their aerodynamics are pretty poor.

No mate, the bike is a 636cc which is only about 120hp. 240 would be close to top speed for that kind of bike. A 1000cc sportsbike would have no issue keeping up with an i8, let alone destroying it in acceleration.

There are two parts of aerodynamics: drag coefficient and frontal area.

Most people only think of drag coefficient, which is indeed poorer on bikes. BUT frontal area makes up a larger portion of the aerodynamic drag force!

Think about it: if drag coefficient were all that mattered, then how can even fairly weak bikes reach such high top speeds?

A quick Google search will confirm that the aerodynamics of a motorbike and a car about equal. At higher speeds, the bike begins to lose out.

I don’t know what video you watched, but the way I see it, the bike goes from ~143 km/h to ~200 km/h in about 4-5 seconds as the BMW goes by, easily catching the i8 and holding with him to get it on camera. I guess if you don’t ride then you don’t know what you are talking about.

Agree. The cycle had no problem catching up. It wasn’t about that either. The I8 wasn’t trying to race him, just wanted video.

Exactly, the bike was just controlling the chase easily with spare power.
Until the exit turn, wich is more delicate to do on two wheels.
Bike are badly beatting car in accelleration almost anytimes.
Piece of cake!

If motorcycles had the same aerodynamics like modern cars, they could go much faster with their power to weight ration, and they could accelerate way harder at high speeds than they already do. How easily could the bike have caught up with an 800hp i8?

My 1300cc bike (BMW K1300R) with 180hp can outrun a 1000hp Lamborghini. Top speed over 300km/h.

Any 1000cc sportsbike would out accelerate and outrun any factory vehicle. For reference, look at “That Racing Channel” on YouTube to see stock sportsbikes racing against 1,000hp tuned street cars.

At one point the bike hits 240km/h

I’ve said this in replies to other commenters, but the bike is a 636cc motor, effectively from the 600cc class of road bikes.

Top speed of these is around 240 and even then the acceleration is slow. In comparison a 1000cc or greater sportsbike would have no trouble hitting 240 or even 280km/h. Different performance category altogether.