BMW i8 Updated Specs – 0 To 60 MPH In 4.2 Seconds


2015 BMW i8

2015 BMW i8

BMW has updated its i8 microsite to include final specs for the plug-in hybrid.

Set to launch in the US in August with a base MSRP of $135,700, the BMW i8 now officially zips from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.2 seconds.  That figure puts the i8 on pace with the all-new BMW M3/M4 with a manual transmission.

However, we’ve already seen Road & Track crush that figure in real-world testing.

Additional specs/features include:

  • B38 1.5 liter three-cylinder gas engine that delivers 228 horsepower and 236 lb ft-of torque.
  • Output of 152 hp per liter
  • Six-speed automatic gearbox
  • Electric motor develops 129 horsepower and 184 lb ft-of torque
  • Total of 357 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque, 44 percent available at 0 RPM


As BMW Blog notes:

“This is the same electric motor as in the BMW i3 but with less power (170 hp in the BMW i3). The electric motor drives the front wheels via a GKN two-speed automatic gearbox which always run in first gear while in eDrive mode but switches directly to second gear in the mixed modes. The energy is drawn from a 5 kWh lithium-ion pack placed along the central tunnel right behind the electric motor.”

BMW i8

BMW i8

 “An additional e-motor is placed in the rear adjacent to the combustion engine. It produces 13 hp and 81 lb-ft of torque and while it can provide additional power to the rear wheel, BMW says that its main functions are to recharge the battery, start the combustion engine and in hybrid mode to smooth out power delivery and match up the revs when switching driving modes. Therefore the typical lag mode found in hybrid or combustion setups is removed.”

We sure are looking forward to the launch of this BMW i8 in the US in early Summer.

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wow 0-60 in 4.2 seconds thats unheard of

The Roadster did it in 3.9

Tesla Model S P85 also does 0-60 in 4.2. Motor Trend got a 3.9 in the P85. And the Tesla does it without using an ICE like the i8.

And the Tesla also carries around 85kwh of battery compared to the the 7.1kWh pack of the i8. Also, as I said before, the i8 can cruise at 155mph for many miles on the autobahn. The Tesla can’t come close.

So, less kwh is better, and holding 155mph means something to us? At best, you are explaining why Germans, who spend upwards of $100k for a car, don’t want a Tesla Model S.

I was actually cruising at 155mph on the Autobahn getting decent MPG in a 535d. And no, the Tesla would not have worked or me in that situation.

Glad you like your car. Do you think what I said about Germans wanting this kind of autobahn performance is true, about any $100k car?

FWIW, I help instruct for PCA, in the States, and know what it means to go this fast. That’s why I understand you, but at the same time I see how pointless this kind of criteria is, here.

Lol, decent MPG? 10?

The heavy battery pack in model S wears out the tires in 15K miles. Hope, BMW i8 will have no such issues.


It is 21 diameter, very aggressive rubber, and the camber setting that give short tire life.

19″ tires would fair much better even with all the other variables constant.

“And the Tesla also carries around 85kwh of battery compared to the the 7.1kWh pack of the i8.”
You neglected to mention the ICE. 0-60 when using only the 7.1kWh pack is only in the 9 second range (slower than than Volt).

“Road and Track crushed that figure in real world testing”

And in the, Real World of Pricing, the dealers are asking and I am told, they are getting,,,,,$100,0000 over “Sticker”
Now,,,,that’s Fast !!!!

so the Volt has more torque at 0 then this


So does Spark EV and Tesla Model S.

But they all weigh much more…

Weight is an very important issue for acceleration.

So much for being a “supercar”! You can see why is is slower that the P85 Model S despite being a lot lighter. i8 electric motor has 184 ft-lb Tq, the P85 443!

BMW i8 is designed for efficiency. Tesla Model S is a resource hog for the planet, like Hummer for ICE. Tesla should be banned from selling this car.

Both the Model S and i8 are extremely efficient. Some people will need the larger and more generous seating capacity of the Model S while other may wish to check out the very cool CFRP and seemingly more dynamic ride that is the i8.

If you were at all objective you’d see that both are very cool and worthwhile vehicles.

Actually Tesla average watt hours per mile is basically the same as the LEAF. Guess the LEAF is a resource hog, too. Or, perhaps you should do at least a tiny bit of research before making grand pronouncements?

It is NOT slower than the model S as proven by real world testing.

The 4.2 number is a bit conservative. Road & Track did 0-60 in 3.8 seconds.

This car is just amazing – <4 second 0-60, 90mpg, can toggle between all electric and engine so that you never have to worry about getting stock or spending an hour at an out of the way charging station. It really is the future – the carbon fiber technology behind the i-series (i3 and i8) is game changing. I think BMW's approach to the market is much more smarter than Tesla's – this drive for bigger and bigger batteries which mean more weight/lower efficiency (model S has lowed miles/kwh of all the EVs) and longer charging times doesn't make sense. It's the equivalent of saying "hey I only need a 3,000sf house day to day but every Christmas I have my whole family here so let's buy a 5,000sf house for that one weekend." Why pay through the nose for a big battery when you rarely are going to use it? Makes so much more sense to have a smaller battery that is either a PHEV or an EV with a range extender. The i3 goes 90 miles all-electric but can surge to 180 with the REx and that costs you $45k vs. $80-100k for the big battery tesla.

i3 fan,

As BEV, the i3 is a full 2 seconds faster than the i8, to 60mph. I’m a fan, too.

After a headwind takes the i8’s battery down, it looks like it gets 32mpg:

The approach depends on your goals. A pure BEV obviously uses no gas which for some people is the ultimate attainment.

Nevertheless I like the i8 and applaud BMW’s efforts.

The phenomenal thing is the that the i8 has the performance of V8s with 2-3 times the displacement. That is awesome. It’s just like the 3.8 liter P1 McLaren outperforming the 8liter quad turbo 16cyl Vernon. Figure the i8 is the same concept on a smaller scale without the million dollar price tag. That’s the perspective you have to take on this car.

Hans, is that you?

Nissan has a 1.5 liter engine that produces 400 horsepower.

400 cubic inch V8s of yesteryear barely make 200 horsepower.

Displacement means little. Color me unimpressed.

I can carry 5 people comfortably in the Model S and I had used it to carry a 60″ LED TV home without having to opening up the box. Last week, I also carried all the boxes for a full size bed from Ikea. How much can the i8 carry?

Yes the Model S hasn’t lost any of its appeal to me, but the i8 is still very nice.

They’re built for different users though. Can’t we all agree that they’re both great vehicles and enjoy them on their merits? (I fear not. This is the internet, after all.)

Rich boys and their toys. Can you turn the engine sound down or off that comes through the stereo speakers?