BMW i8 And BMW i3 At 2014 New York Auto Show – Video


BMW i8 and BMW i3 in NYC

BMW i8 and BMW i3 in NYC

We presented the BMW i8 when it hit the stage at the 2014 New York Auto Show, but we figured video from the show floor of both the BMW i8 and i3 would be worth sharing, especially since the BMW i3 is now just weeks away from officially launching in the US.

The BMW i8 isn’t far behind, with deliveries expected to begin in the US perhaps as early as July.

Uniquely, BMW will go from zero plug-in vehicles offered in the US to 2 plug ins on sale in approximately 3 month’s time.

For BMW, its first venture into mass-produced plug-in vehicles comes after most other automakers, but still ahead of some of BMW’s strongest competitors.

It’ll be interesting to see how BMW fares when its German competitors launch their own US plug in vehicle offensive.

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The two together reminds me of the cute girl ugly girl friends cliche. The cute girl gets even cuter and the not so cute one gets the casts off. Additionally the cute one might need things explained to her. It’s symbiosis. In this case those who can’t afford the i8 get the i3.

ffbj’s post has to be one of the dumbest on the internet (coming from a guy)


I’ve always wondered . . . do car companies intentionally make their cheaper cars ugly to direct people to the more expensive cars? It is not like making cars look good makes them cost more.