BMW i8 Becomes Jalopnik’s Highest Rated Car Ever


BMW i8

BMW i8

The hugely popular mainstream automotive website Jalopnik has declared the BMW i8 the best car it’s ever tested.

Following an extensive test drive, Jalopnik scored the i8 at 92 points out of 100, making the i8 the highest rated car it’s ever tested.

Here’s how the scoring breaks down (note – each category can receive a total of 10 points):

  • Exterior: 10
  • Interior: 9
  • Acceleration : 9
  • Braking: 8
  • Ride: 8
  • Handling: 8
  • Gearbox: 9
  • Toys: 10
  • Audio: 9
  • Value: 12
  • Total: 92 out of 100

Why the 12 points for value? As Jalopnik explains:

“The Porsche 918 is a carbon fiber hybrid supercar. The base price of the Porsche 918 is $845,000. Yes, it has a race derived engine and super impressive tech, but the i8 is a carbon fiber hybrid supercar, and it costs $136,000.”

“That’s a gigantic delta, and one that makes the i8 the deal of the century as far as I’m concerned.”

Read the full review on what’s now Jalopnik’s highest rated car ever here.

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Getting in and out gracefully in a miniskirt -0

That is particularly important to me! 🙂

I never would have guessed that you’re into cross-dressing. You hydrogen fuel cell advocates sure do march to the beat of your own drummer. 😉

You want to tell all those fellows in kilts that you take a tough line on guys in skirts!

I’m sure you will get a response!

Hard to believe that anyone can keep a straight face when giving a $150K car a value number above zero. Jalopnik gets there by comparing one car with no discernible utility delta to an even more expensive car with no discernible utility delta.

Would be more accurate to replace the “Value” category with a “Look At Me I Can Afford This Ridicoulously Expensive Vehicle” category. Or it could just cut to the chase and use “Mine Is Bigger Than Yours”.

There’s value in displacement.

I’m sure many times these guys will enjoy a quiet ride home from the Board Meeting, in EV mode. Displacing the poor fuel economy of say a Porsche S.

Secondly, there’s value in Leadership.

Value is entirely subjective. While I don’t feel that what they compared it to entirely fits, it’s not as off-base as you think. Nobody’s going to cross-shop this with a Nissan Leaf, but some might cross-shop it with a 918.

bmw slipped them some cash

exterior is not a 10, its a 8.5 or 9 at best.

It is not a perfect 10, however the Model S is.

Everyone’s wife is the prettiest woman in the world, or you married the wrong gal.

Excuse me ! Pretty is so boring

Let’s not be so superficial, it’s whats Inside, that counts.

This car, with it’s alluring shape and faked motor rumblings is like a pretty woman, who has been “Enhanced”, over dresses and fakes orgasams.