BMW i8 Arrives In New York City


BMW i8 Color Choices

BMW i8 Color Choices

It’s a head turner.  That’s the for sure.

The BMW i8 is now arriving in New York City in preparation for the opening of the 2014 New York Auto Show.

We don’t expect any never-before-seen reveals from BMW, but we do imagine that the i8 and BMW i3 will be the featured vehicles on BMW’s stand, along with the BMW X5 eDrive.

This particular BMW i8 is dressed in Protonic Blue with Frozen Grey accents and 20-inch wheels.

The BMW i8 will officially go on sale in the US in early Summer 2014.  First deliveries may be several months after its on-sale date due to higher than anticipated demand.

The i8 carries a base MSRP of $135,700 in the US.

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still would take the model s over it no question

This is the kind of car that boys poster their walls with and aspire to own one day. That will never be the case with the model S.

There was a whole long thread about spelling and insults under this post – we don’t like to moderate (at all), but it got really long-winded/off topic, and we don’t imagine anyone will be too upset with this part being lifted.

You have got to be kidding. The interior design and luxury amenities in this car are more refined than the Tesla. Plus this will cruise 150mph all day long on the autobahn if needed. The Tesla could not.

Oh nice to know you have 150 mph allowed everywhere or is it just in germany on some scarces roads.

And why would anyone drive 150 MPH? Ever?

Oops, another car changed lanes into the lane I was driving in right in front of me – now everyone in car 1 and 2 are all dead.

Sorry, speeds in excess of 90MPH are excessive and lethal. Risk assessors would likely say 60 MPH is excessive and lethal. My Leaf has never seen 80 MPH and likely never will, let alone its electronically governed 93 MPH max.

It is good that your LEAF don’t see that kind of speed.

It is slow in 0-60mph and slow in qtr miles.

It handls like a slush box at that speed anyway…

Incorrect. If you are going to insult the Leaf (and you do frequently), at least use valid insults.

The Leaf remains firmly on the road at 80mph. The handling is not the issue. The issue is that the car is completely out of breath. There is almost no power left to accelerate above 75-80mph.

sorry, I was referring specifically to the “slush box” term. Your other statements are accurate.

If our Prius can really go 80, I really don’t want to know what that is like. It’s very unhappy at 70. I’m sure there are roads out west where someone can do 150 with nobody else around, but we fly over that stuff.

I would take a model S as well….but if I was looking for a 2 seater summer car and money wasn’t an issue, I’d take the i8. Colours 1 and 3 I’m sure are jaw dropping in person.

You could buy a Tesla Model S AND a certified pre-owned Tesla Roadster for that price tag 🙂

If I had told you 10 years ago that BMW would be building a 3-cylinder super-car, you would have laughed in my face.