BMW i8 At 2015 CES – Videos


The BMW i8 was on display at CES 2015.

Here’s a collection of videos from that recent event last month in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“When BMW makes a gas/electric hybrid, they do it sexy. On the electric side, there’s a 96 kilowatt motor, and for gas power it’s got a turbocharged 3-cylinder engine in the back. Combining them gives you 357 horsepower with the fast acceleration of an electric vehicle. That means 0-60 in 3.8 seconds.”

“BMW i8, i3 and M4 with some killer new tech & concepts!”

“Laser headlights, man. Also, BMW i8 video coming soon too.”

“BMW i8 Premiere at 2015 CES”

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BMW gets my respect.. they are truly innovating.