BMW i5 Rendering Shows Svelte Crossover


BMW i5 Rendering

BMW i5 Rendering

RM Car Design has released a new set of renderings that show the BMW i5 as a svelte crossover.

In this form, we think the i5 is actually rather striking.

BMWBLOG points out the following:

“The renderings shown here show a crossover-like design with a sloping roofline, raise driving height, i8-like kidney grille and aero elements from the i3 and i8. The rear end also gets some cues from the i8 hybrid sportscar along with aero-designed wheels.”

Officially, BMW has not yet announced the next i car. However, we believe that it’ll be a crossover, possibly called the i5. Will it be pure electric or a plug-in hybrid? We don’t yet have an answer to that question.

BMW has suggested that the next i car will be released sometime around 2020. We expect it to arrive sooner than that though.


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Ummm… That rendering is down right stunning! Best looking SUV I’ve ever seen. Give it AWD and 250miles of range and charge around $55k please.

Weird, I think it looks bad. But if its electric its ok with me.

I would pay $40K for it, if it has AWD, fast charging on the Tesla fast charger network, and 250 miles EPA rated real world range.

Pure vaporware. It looks like an eTron Quatro with a BMW kidney grill pasted on. At least we know the eTron Quatro is a real car.

It’s understandable that you take existing i3 and i8 styling in order to present something people can relate to. However, BMW isn’t going to do this. As electric cars become more mainstream, they will have less and less of the gaudy, multicoloured panes and stripes. People just want a car. They don’t want to be reminded that it’s electric at every moment… nor do they want to announce to everyone that they’re driving an electric car. All the blue accents are ridiculous. Otherwise the shape is… probably about right.

If you want a tan coloured car, for example, accents in “gaudy electric blue” simply do not work.

Each to their own I guess.
But seriously who wants a tan coloured car…

Why then did BMW release that hideous ICE X6 if people don’t want a stupid looking vehicle?

$55 Grand Will Never happen BMW always prices their vehicles 1.3/4 times their worth ,0nly because it’s a BMW .,Not because they are worth it ..0ver inflated prices always!

Thats probably why they make more profit than GM and Ford combined, although selling less than one tenth of the volume.

reminds me of the cliche … there’s a sucker born every minute.

Not that I like defending this rich brand.
But, what you get is a vehicle that is built for a European frame, tall people, and can run on the autobahn all day long, with higher safety standards.

Now, you may not need those characteristics, and you can get much of this at VW, but, never the less, those characteristics are there.

For example, a friend can afford to lease a Mercedes E-Class coupe, I think Bill O’Reilly cracked one up at 70 mph and walked away from it.

I said if you can afford it, I’d buy it for the frame alone, the safety. But, she does not like the ride. Firm, very Firm.
She’ll let it go at the end of the lease.

You either value the safety and handling and put up with the ride or you don’t.

Is a Köenigsegg worth $2 million? Since people are willing to pay that money to get one, we can say it is worth. Same story with BMW.

Yes, please and thank you.

Why wait 2020?
Why not copy paste the i3 system in this larger i5 box and sell it next year. It looks like they drag their feets because they fear that, unlike the i3 uniquely sized vehicle, an i5 would reduce the market share of all their other standard gas cars.

The two main reasons:
BMW and basically all big premium brands have to take care of their reputation. They will never release a rough-and-ready car that doesn’t match their customers’ high expectations.
The second thing is the only reason the big car makers are making EVs is to satisfy the emission requirements. They are even willing to sell the EVs with loss in order to make big money with the big ICE monsters. This is the reason they’re even making EVs, not because they want to catch up to Tesla.

Probably the most attractive and practical of the iSeries vehicles BMW has yet shown…

Model 3 or the i5….. We are going to have to wait and see what they look and price in the real world. Still get Nice looking wheels. I’ll take it in a rear wheel drive!

Why the huge hood?
Massive frunk?

SUV / CUV? uhmm, this is a touring, a station-wagon for old-timers. the 200x 3series station wagon did Not sell well in US, hard to believe this would do better – possibly very Good for EU but unfortunately it needs to sell well in the US for Bangle-BMW to approve.
(rant, car was better before we ‘Banglized its looks and Features, but can’t argue with sales, and for the particular -yes, I know he’s gone, but his zombies live on and the effect will Never leave)