BMW i5 Rendering Based On Recent Patent Images


BMW i5 Patent Drawing Via Autocar

BMW i5 Patent Drawing Via Autocar

A couple of weeks ago, some possible patent drawings of the BMW i4/i5 leaked out. Now, based upon those leaked images, Indian Autos Blog has produced the rendering of the i4/i5 as seen above.

As BMWBLOG explains:

“The rendering shows a four-door hatchback with subtle SUV elements and a raised driving position. The i5 clearly borrows a lot of its design from both the BMW i3 and i8, with the rear end being almost entirely i3 and the front end having a lot of i8 in it.”

The i4/i5 is expected to be a pure electric vehicle. It’s loosely slated for launch in 2018-ish, but that hasn’t been confirmed by BMW.

Outside of these drawings and a few minute details, not much else is kown of the i4/i5. BMW has been tight-lipped on this one, so we don’t expect to get any real news from the automaker anytime soon.

As for looks? We think its outward appearance is decent, but those suicide doors don’t sti well with us, neither does that odd black plastic (?) thingy on the hood.

Source: Indian Autos Blog via BMWBLOG

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Nice Looking change.

4 normal doors are going to be required for mass market popularity
Coach doors just chop off a huge chunk of buyers

Agreed. I would bet even money that the suicide doors aren’t on the final product.
Not wild about the floating D Pillar, either.

Agreed, suicide doors are a deal breaker for me.

Disagree. Suicide doors best for Fat America.

The dramatic slope on the rear of the vehicle kills its cargo capacity and utility. The slope may be required to achieve a good cd, but cd is not that important. This isn’t an SUV, it’s a tall car. IMO, take the cd hit and make the i5 a true SUV.

Europe loves wagons, don’t count that out.

If they took the CD hit, they’d have to spend money buying more cells from their battery partner. They would much rather try and get away with as fewer cells as possible IMHO. One way to do that is havery a good CD. Aero is everything in a BEV world and these BMW patent drawings prove tesla isn’t the only one with the right know-how.

Looks so much better than the ZEV compliance i3 golf cart.

The new meaning of “Compliance Car” = not made by Tesla?
I’ve seen this more and more often. I don’t know how anyone could categorize it that way when it’s sold outside of the ZEV States and in other countries.

No. The bias you note, is yours. The original definition of Compliance BEV still fits the i3, even with updated batteries. For example:

Compromises in using an unusually narrow tire width impair handling and safety. They also limit your options to replace or repair. Compromises in battery pack size due to making room for a gasoline range extender– even when the unit does not include one, short range, etc., etc.. The i3 is basically a BMW Kei-car, or overpriced iMiEV.

Nissan also sold many Leaf’s that are also short-range ZEV compliance class vehicles, so global availability isn’t really a valid criteria.

The i5 should be a significant update to BMW’s BEV drivetrain offerings. I look forward to evaluating it when it’s actually available to test drive.

The narrow tires grip much better than you would expect. Even though the i3 is quickest in its class, it never even chirps or spins it’s tires. Even in the rain! Just got done running down lowered Civics in 40 miles of mountain roads to 5680Ft Elev, took 25 mph turns at almost 50mph. The contact patch is more longitudinal than wide due to the 20 in large diameter wheels.

The original definition of compliance car was a vehicle built solely to garner CARB credits and as such was sold only in ZEV States where the manufacturer could earn those credits.
Prime examples are the Fiat 500e, Spark EV, Fit EV.
If you want to play word games, the Tesla Model S, X and 3 are also compliance cars – they would not exist if there were not CARB credits available to Tesla. The sale of those credits are all that kept Tesla afloat at various times.

You can be as anally retentive as you wish, but the i3 was never meant to be a non-compromise designed, small, limited range BEV. It still fits the definition of Compliance EV, IMHO. It’s past time BMW came out with a serious BEV, like their i5.

And no one ever said language can’t evolve with the times. Because it does. 😉

I think the shorter way to describe your position is that every EV under $70K is a “compliance car.”

Because the features you demand cost that much to implement.

You have no idea whats a compliance EV. The Kia Soul is one, or the Ioniq. But the i3 is the third best selling EV on the world.

A compliance car is not offered in every state, is not offered worldwide, is not pushed in sales.
But the i3 is sold worldwide and BMW push it with good deals.

Boom +1

Let’s be honest, THIS is the i3, and the i3 is the i1.


It would be nice if they keep some of the i3 design styles, eg: the way the rear doors are sculptured rather than straight.
Guess we’ll see if/when they make it.

Looks like the Opel ampera

Yup it looks like a Chevy Volt