BMW i5 Render


Close Up Of BMW i5 Front End - Render Via Omni Auto

Close Up Of BMW i5 Front End – Render Via Omni Auto

The upcoming BMW i5 has been the subject of lots of reports and rumors over the last year or so. Little actual information is known of the i5, but lots of speculation abounds.

Several i5 renders have surfaced this year, with most of them showing the car as a crossover-like vehicle

This latest render from Omni Auto follows that same path by showing us an i5 that appears a bit crossover-ish.

As BMWBLOG reports:

“According to sources, the underpinnings of the BMW i5 are known internally as FSAR, short for flat battery storage assembly…”

“Automobile says the third i-car started off life as a bigger i3 before becoming a minivan of sorts and then a smaller sedan. But the latest design iterations are allegedly showing a four-door hatchback with subtle SUV elements and a raised driving position.”

BMW has offered virtually nothing in the way of official word on the i5, except for that it’s coming sometime around 2020, and may or may not even be called the i5.

Source: Omni Auto via BMWBLOG

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Hope it looks better than that.

Why does it have a bonnet at all, they could just stretch the current i3 and make it a plain 5 door hatch and the shape would make quite a bit of sense.

It would immediately become the most compact Sedan/Crossover if you lose the bonnet. There isn’t a engine there anyhow, and the crumple zone is stiff enough as is.

What the hell is with that front end?

Top grille, bottom grille, left grille, right grille, kidney fake-grille, lights that look like grille.

What were they thinking? I’ll take the elegant and cheaper simplicity of the Model 3 non-grille 8 days a week.

I’ll bet the chief stylist got grilled, too.

Looks like an i3 and an X6 had a surly baby.

The only reason for a nose that long would be to fit a front motor for AWD, with the range extender up front.

I’m with the others, that front end is not attractive.
What’s with the long nose and short cargo area. It would be great if makers of “SUVs” actually remember the U in SUV stands for “UTILITY”.