BMW i5 Launch Still 5 Years Away?


A BMW i5 CUV is rumored to be the German automakers next pure electric vehicle, but reports are now suggesting we won’t see it on the market until 2021, or a painful 5 years from now.

BMW i5 Patent Drawing Via Autocar

BMW i5 Patent Drawing Via Autocar

As Autocar explains:

“Earlier this year, Harald Krüger, chairman of the board of management at BMW AG, revealed that the next BMW i product would be launched in 2021, dubbing it ‘i Next’. But he declined to elaborate beyond describing the future model as the “new spearhead of innovation and technology.”

“Now sources have suggested that BMW has settled on an SUV bodystyle for its next model, reasoning that it is a shape with global appeal in a segment with booming sales and greater profit margins than hatchbacks or saloons.”

So, if we put two and two together, then logically it would seem “i Next” is what we’ve been referring to as i5 and it won’t launch until 2021.

If true, that’s dissappointing, but BMW does have a reason. According to Ian Robertson, BMW’s head of sales and marketing, the automaker will wait at least a few years before launching its next i vehicle so that it can take advantage of “the next big steps in electric motor, battery and autonomy.”

Robertson added:

“We are at the very early stages of i, but already we’re coming up to our 100,000th registration. Just as with M, there are opportunities that take time to build up, from i cars to i Performance products to i kit, such as an electric scooter.”

“We conceived the i brand to work for the long term. The electric car market is emerging but we see enough to be confident that consumers are understanding what it is about. What’s more, 80% of i customers are new to BMW.”

Prior to the 2012 arrival of the i5, BMW will launch the i8 Roadster in 2018. Its powertrain is expected to be similar to the PHEV setup of the standard i8.

Source: Autocar

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5 years means never.
In 2009 GM promised 14 hybrids and electrics for 2012. Chrysler 3 pure electric models for 2010.

The petro-auto cartel is still trying to kill the electric car with hybrids only and no decent recharge station coverage.

Couldn’t agree more, they are still not buying into EV’s

Well I am and I’m going to keep buying into EVs for the rest of my life. So if any auto manufacturer ever wants to sell me another vehicle they better make electric vehicles.




Yes. And we are growing in numbers and mostly feel the same way. Just bought my second used LEAF.


BMW could have place the i3 system in an i5 a long time ago, they just don’t want to do it.

“5 years” means that bmw is still evaluating the market for the products that they already have on offer. automobile companies can’t afford to be run on the basis of ev enthusiasm, they have to be run as businesses.

Yeah, they are “evaluating” the market since 2003… like all the ICE car makers who killed the first wave of decent EVs with George Petroleum Bush’s benediction..

there are electric cars on the market now. there is nothing stopping people from buying them if the market really wants electric vehicles. so far, there is little evidence that most of the public views electric vehicles as being better than ICEVs. so i’m not finding the “conspiracy theory” assertions to be very persuasive.

You mean, there electric “appliances” on the market now. There are “few” compelling BEV’s out there with the exception of Tesla, most are either Fugly in a weird clown car type of way or are based on rather mundane ICE equals (think E-Golf) and “all” are compact cars not offering the space and utility to move their appeal beyond a “second car for commuting” mentality.

There is nowhere near enough EV’s in as many categories as ICE cars for the market to be considered competitive between ICE and EV/PHEV drivetrains.

If you want to buy a truck, or an SUV, or a convertible, or a station wagon, or a sports car, or a large non-luxury sedan, or an AWD, or etc, there are no or few choices. Or there are very limited price ranges for those choices compared to ICE cars.

This has always been the problem. There is no such thing as a free market until there are actually EV cars you can actually choose to buy instead of buying an ICE.

Until there are more EV’s in more choices, similar to the choices consumers have for ICE vehicles, there really is no way to compare which drivetrain sells the best.

They know pretty well that an i5 type car or a volt seating five is the kind of car that can replace ice at a lower price than present full electric, so they won’t put them on the market until cheaper full electric force them to do so. At that time they will put i5 type vehicles on the market in large volume, this time to try to fight pure electrics.

5Yrs, Means that they are waiting and Hoping that Trump will “UNDO” all the “Good Things” Obama did for the Electric Car. For Certain the ONE and only good thing that Obama Accomplished in his 8 DISASTEROUS Yrs in Power..

5 years is an eternity in this business. They might as well show a flying car they will be producing in 5 years because what they show now won’t exist by then.

5 years ago the very first Volts and Leafs were on the lots. A lot has changed since then.

Could you imagine if some automaker back when those first Volts and Leafs were being sold made some proclamation that they would be making some great EV by 2016? Absolutely no one would have paid any attention to them just like I’m not now.

automobiles aren’t personal computers. with all of the regulatory issues involved with automobiles, it is a comparatively slow moving segment. furthermore, there is a huge “installed” based on ICEVs, and since people don’t buy cars the way that you buy tortilla chips, that installed base is not going to disappear overnight.

the main driver for *EVs has been regulatory in nature, and i expect that it will remain so for several years. it’s not ever clear what the future of zero emissions automobile technology will be. will it be battery? if battery, will it be lithium-based? if not battery will it be fuel cell? some kind of hybrid? there are many questions that still haven’t been answered. when automakers speak in terms of a time horizon to 2030, it is not an unreasonable time frame.

It almost certainly will be some kind of all-electric vehicle, altho we can’t know what future tech will be powering the electric motors. Personally, I’m hoping for a Mr. Fusion device. 😉

Hybrids are compromises; a half-way measure that’s only viable because batteries are still so large and expensive, altho getting better every year. While a compromise in politics is often a good thing, in engineering it’s generally bad. Hybrids won’t be able to compete against a fully developed, mature pure EV technology.

the objective is zero emissions vehicles, the objective is not specifically electric vehicles. a hybrid that achieves the real objective is not a compromise against the objective so much as it might be a “compromise” relative to the expectations of some ev enthusiasts.

I do not know of a hybrid ZEV, not in concept nor in reality.
The most used ZEV solutions are:
Battery electric,
Foolcell battery electric,
Foolcell electric.

Maybe a Compressed Air-Electric Hybrid?

The very first objective is fair play between all type of vehicles and ev are clearly getting more than their share of sticks in the wheels.

Now if something is 95% electric and runs the remaining 5% on another renewable, that might be acceptable but not 5% electric and 95% fossil fuelled.

5 years means they didn’t even started designing it. Even though EV tech is a new technology, the power train is a lot simpler than ICE. And the rest of the car is the same.

They are keeping their fingers crossed and waiting to sse what happens when Trump comes into power. Hopefully, he will ban this EV BS and they can go on and make big profits, because that’s all about it, isn’t it?

They might actually (re)”evaluate” the market because:

Nov. ’16 vs. ’15
BMW passenger cars 15,947 21,807 -26.9%
BMW brand 26,189 32,003 -18.2%
YTD ’16 vs. ’15
BMW passenger cars 188,812 221,949 -14.9%
BMW brand 280,339 311,398 -10.0%

New Vehicle Sales BMW of North America, LLC, November 2016.

Only their SUV’s and crossovers went up 0.5% this month and 2.3% YTD. Oh, and the i8 is up aswell.

Evaluate this: ❗

Kodak couldn’t have said it better!

We know how it ended.

BMW is now the third leading plug in manufacture so there is no need to be a skeptic…

BMW is also working on a BEV 3 series which is probably more important than any iNext…

..and we’re still in a period where most OEM released intentions have yet to be “adjusted” for Trump. “2021” was probably developed under the “Clinton scenario”.

BMW main markets are China and Europe.
They do not base company policy on anything happening in the USA.

RexxSee said:

“5 years means never.”

Yeah. Or more precisely, it means “We don’t have any definite plans at this time.”

Could be 5 or 10 years; certainly could be never.

Model 3 is shaping up to eat 3 Series’ lunch, starting possibly as early as late next year and BMW figures it has 5 more years left to come up with a response?

I doubt BMW will really wait it out that long.

I say Model 3 will eat that so called competition for Snacks..I wish more of these compliance cars would be Built to a level that actually would make them “COMPETETIVE” So that Buyers can take them serious..

If BMW was smart, they would create an EV that looks just like a 3 Series and it would sell well. Take advantage of the i platform engineering and create a shell that doesn’t look weird.

the trick with electric vehicles is that most of the public are not enamored with what is under the hood or the drive train technology. so they will look at an electric vehicle and compare it to an ICEV based on which options serves the desired customer attributes best.

That hardly covers the entire spectrum of what will effect ev adoption.
Sure lets not mention the fact that most car makers are only making compliance cars. That are only available in a modicum of CARB states, that are not advertised, that dealerships have no incentive to sell, and there is an active campaign against the adoption of ev’s. No none of that matters, only what’s under the hood.

The ZEV market is
1. China.
2. Europe
3. California
4. Japan
5. Rest of the world.

Compliance cars are only a phenomenon in California and some small parts in the rest of the world.
It is a nuisance not worth mentioning.

At the current pace that Tesla is iterating in five years…

…enough said.

Time to kick it into gear BMW!

To me “next BMW i product” sounds more like next gen of i3/5/8/… There is no way they would deliberately delay i5 that much. They upgrade i3 every year, i8 almost as often, many ice models now come with a plug, they even have electric bikes. They are clearly working on it as quickly as they can. My bet is 2017, 2018 at most.

They use an Electric Scooter as an example of i kit, but a better use example would be an actual’Kit, for EV Conversion of older BMW’s, that Dealers could be trained to install, in the service department – helping them make up for some of the losses of usual maintenance.

BMW’s decision on 2021 is based firmly on the battery evolution roadmap, established by its supplier Samsung SDI. The effort is very real, despite the negative comments here.

If it takes Samsung until 2012 to come up with a decent battery, BMW should consider Tesla, LG Chem, Panasonic, Nissan or Daimler as battery provider.

The Bolt has decent battery for decent price now.
And the battery evolution road map is another cristal ball science, so that they can say in 5 years: ‘Batteries are still not viable for vehicles. Our battery technology roadmap says they will get better in 5 years…..’

Well, BMW is looking at all the populist movement around the world to see if all the major governments are going to be converted to anti-EV.

Why bother to do more EV if the current will be against you.?

Again, a baseless accusation.

Please. A baseless assertion.

Did someone say they had to stop their production of ICE cars?

All people want is the possibility to choose pure ev or ev+rex in addition to the ICE choice.

Today, if ev is not easy, ev+rex with 100 miles ev range is a piece of cake, so if they don’t do it, it is only because they don’t want to.

unfortunately this interview is in German, but maybe google translator is capable of doing a good job.

it is an interview with the chief development officer at BMW. It gives some interesting insights on e-mobility and on the above mentioned i5/iNext

2020 is the year the hydrogen filling station network along the German autobahn is completed ,so guess what they wait with the i5 to make it a real inext hydrogen fuel cell EV..!!thats logic isnt it? driving full electric with a log rang on the autobahn with instant refuelling in 2 minutes that WHAT will beat TESLA..

dream on….
If they can’t build cheap fast chargers, they will certainly won’t build (700 bar)H2 filling stations which are very, very expensive.
And producing H2 is another big problem.

There are rumours (according to the german newspaper Welt am Sonntag) that BMW will renew the i3 in 2018 with the i3S, which is a sportier version with better handling, more range and most probably the new 120Ah SDI cells. It will come with a more powerful motor and 0-62 is expected to be less than 5 seconds… bring it on BMW! (dutch unfortunately for the rest of the world)