BMW i5 Design Expected To Be Less Polarizing Than i3

BMW i5


BMW i5

BMW i5 Render (Image Credit: flickr via David Montes)

While it may be awhile before BMW comes forward with the next “i” model, rumor has it that the upcoming offering will likely be coined the BMW i5.

There has been talk about the next member of the “i” family for several years. Since information is scarce, and unofficial, reports have mentioned a fully-electric sedan, some type of all-electric or plug-in hybrid SUV, or perhaps an FCV.

BMW i3

BMW i3

BMWBlog tends to be one of the more accurate sources when it comes to reputable inside information on all things BMW. The source is now claiming that the next i-series vehicle will, in fact, be called the BMW i5.

Also, it won’t be as “space age” or “quirky” as that of the i3, nor will it share characteristics with the BMW i8. Instead, this new i-car will possess design cues found in traditional BMW models.

The publication’s sources also say that the BMW i5 is well underway, despite the fact that BMW has publicly pushed back its upcoming “i” progress. BMW did announce that it will be electrifying its current lineup. It’s not to say that the company can’t produce something based on a current “traditional” BMW platform (5-series), yet using the “i” brand name and technology. BMW has also said fairly recently, that it wouldn’t be out of sorts to “fuse” the two divisions for the greater good.

BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW’s chief of sales and marketing, Ian Robertson, told Auto Express (of the BMW i5):

“Having recently had the final design review, you can assume that it’s a bigger car rather than a smaller one, and you can assume that the packaging for the next generation of batteries has to be accommodated in such a way that gives the car a certain proportion.”

Sources also revealed that the vehicle will offer Level 3 autonomy, with the prospects of Level 4 and 5 on the table thereafter.

There has been no official talk of a release date for the i5. It may come along with the iNext in 2021, or be a completely separate project, set to arrive sooner. BMW has, however, made it clear that it plans to offer competition against Tesla in the near future.

Source: BMWBlog

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The only quirky visual design element on the i3 is the dropped window sill. And the most unusual functional design element – is the rear door hinging. Though it is similar to every king cab pickup rear door.

The strange paint jobs?

Yeah. I mean come on. The “only” strange thing other than the bizarre lower door treatment or the black “tears” from the foglights.

Oh yeah, and the funny huge but narrow wheels. The bizarre shifter inside. The instrument cluster which is mostly just blank-out panel with a teeny display inside like a V-tech laptop.

Yep. Almost nothing unusual at all about the styling of the i3.

That thing may be functional but sure is ugly!

The missed match display of the i3 Lol

Hardly anyone buys rear-hinged extended cab pickups anymore. Most of the ones I ride in are true quad cabs with four real doors. GM and Ford figured out years ago that people want four real doors, it amazes me BMW hasn’t figured that out.

How about you make it so that the savings over a gas car don’t get wasted on it’s tires M’kay!

What?? The tires on an i3 at $150-$175 each are among the most inexpensive BMW tires you can get. And again, the i3 has excellent traction under full throttle acceleration, rain or dry. It can also brilliantly handle a twisty canyon road as many can attest.

We have an i3 Rex (my wife wanted it) but… I do have things I seriously like and dislike about the car.

I don’t care for the unusual skinny tires.

I don’t care all that much about the carbon fiber or weight savings.. I suspect the cost for those things probably cancels out any cost savings on the battery pack, especially with falling battery prices.

I don’t care for the rear doors. It is a pain getting things and people in and out of the rear seats when the car is parked in the garage or next to another vehicle.

It really needs more range, although the newer battery pack and continued option of the Rex has mostly addressed that issue.

Otherwise, I think it performs well and I love the optional Rex… You can please both crowds by selling it with or without the Rex.

So, I hope they do come out with a better version…. If it goes battery only then it needs to be 200+ miles to compete with the high end segment (since it is a BMW) but I’d be fine with 100 miles+Rex.

Replace those 155’s

There are huge advantages to the carbon fiber. It’s a ground breaking vehicle and partly a test bed for new tech. It’s the first serious high volume vehicle built with carbon fiber in any quantity and they had to invent the manufacturing methods to make it. Those efforts to create that will pay off long term as they can incorporate carbon fiber (perhaps in more modest quantity) in future vehicles. I personally like the style but hate the goofy paint job. New colors look nice. But those are more taste or lack thereof.

But the carbon fiber is an investment in the future.

I love the style, and the paint job. It’s probably my favorite EV right now (turns my head every time I see one drive by), but it needs more range, and can’t wait to see what range they provide in the future, along with fast charging.

They better improve those two things, or the M3 is going clean it’s clock.

I think the best thing they can do to de-polarize the i5 would be to use a standard tire and wheel size, and doors that open in the standard way.

All the styling stuff is just taste. And after Chris Bangle, any talk about polarizing styling for a BMW is out the window. All they have to do is product a product that functions very well, which I’m sure they can do.

I am wondering what motor they will use for the REx. I think they learned that they can’t skimp on REx power in the US market for the BEVx designation, so I don’t think they will do that again.

I don’t think there’s any guarantee California will let them have a BEVx designation again. But I do think that if California will allow it BMW will try to get it again. It’s their own source of EV credits right now and HQ in Germany seems to be concentrating on PHEVs, not BEVs. So it may remain so for a while.

Either BMW is secretly developing the i5 for next year, or they are way behind Audi/Mercedes/Jaguar, not to say Tesla. It is very surprising that they are going to blow the lead they had with i3 and i8.

Yup, still FUG

The BMW i5 has been the subject of rumors since 2014. I’ll believe it when they go on sale.

The side profile reminds me of a Swedish brand now owned by the Chinese, this could do well in the Nordic countries.