BMW i5 Coming In 2018?

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The latest edition of German magazine Autobild talks about the highly and long-time rumored BMW i5. The third model graduating from the i sub-brand has been the topic of many conflicting reports in the last year; some pointed to an imminent release to compete with Tesla while more recent ones said the car won’t arrive until at least 2020.

The drivetrain has also been the subject of many speculations, we’ve heard them all, from a fully-electric platform to a hybrid and even hydrogen-powered. Autobild now seems to believe the i5 will be a plug-in hybrid using the eDrive technology BMW has previewed last year in a 5 Series GT Concept.

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The naming convention is also not final, but for now we will stick to the i5 nomenclature. The plug-in hybrid is said to be based on the long-version of the 5 Series Sedan which is built for the Chinese market, with design lines from the upcoming 7 Series and the proportions of a 6 Series Gran Coupe. Propulsion will come from a gasoline engine with 218 hp and two electric motors at the front (150 hp) and rear (272 hp). The system output of 640 hp is likely to force the passengers into the seats in the sprint to 100 km / h.

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BMW i5 Article In AutoBild

The purely electrically drive of the i5 is said to be up to 125 kilometers (78 miles). During normal operation, the combustion engine can be switched from a speed of 60 km / h when the driving noise is at times louder than the engine. BMW wants with the i5, especially in China and North America. 30,000 vehicles are planned per year. Autobild speculates the price for the i5 will probably be around 100,000 euros.

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Nice styling, a lot better than i3, but who wants an ICE any more? LG Chem just announced 300 mile batteries are available. We are demanding all-electric with >240 mile range. Are any auto makers listening (besides Tesla)?

Nothing wrong with i3’s styling and design. The only problem with it is its name and price. As it it, it should be called i1 and priced accordingly. From i5 (i3?) I would have expected a longer wheelbase, a larger battery (especially in 2018) and a slightly stronger RE (<1000cc) to maintain charge when cruising on motorway.

The proposed i5 is too similar to Volt (two cars in one) for my liking.

I don’t know — for people with kids, the rear door is a major PITA, and keeps me from considering an i3.

No one has ever dreamed of driving a car like the i3

i3 has a lot wrong with its styling and design.

i3 is a clown car

Don’t forget this is a commuter car – the badge and the price tag may be misleading.

In my opinion, i3 (the EU model with RE) is currently the best commuter car on the market. It has a good electric range for daily commuting and an unobtrusive “charge sustaining” RE for occasional road trips. The look is OK for the car of this size, in my opinion better than that of Leaf, Spark, i-Miev or Kia.

Unfortunately, pricing kills the whole idea of an efficient and lean commuter. I would be happy to pay up to $5k more for i3 than for Leaf but BMW being BMW positions it as some sort of an upmarket gadget.

You can do 78 miles with 20-ish kWh which makes the combined cost of battery + drivetrains fairly low compared to puting in a large battery.

Then you get 90%+ electric miles for the average user and you get no limitations on total range or need to spend time charging when on a longer trip and you can fill it up anywhere easily.
Plus you get no hesitations from non-EV “fanatics” since they know they can always rely on an ICE like they have always done, putting drivers easily into the seat.

It’s a very resource effective way and getting the best of both worlds. I wish more car makers could do it BMW style.

There will be plenty of pure BEVs too for anyone who wants it but this solution is closer to perfection until we have 400+ miles BEVs with batteries that are fully recyclable and with no problematic metals in them.

Well 600+ hp, ability to cruise 150mph on the autobahn, and decent AER makes this pretty unique.Panamera doesnt come close to this AER number of 70+ miles.

More cars with plugs is ALWAYS a good thing, but I have a hard time getting excited over a high buck/low volume PHEV that, let’s be honest, won’t be plugged in with nearly the diligence shown by Volt drivers. If you’re concerned about the environmental impacts of our greenhouse gas emissions, then an i5 is most interesting as a technology aura car that makes “cars with plugs” look more desirable.

Fuel costs are >$10,000, and could be cut to $3,000, over a life of plugging in. It matters. Eventual recognition of PHEVs as the greater conveinience (no fuel stops, in daily use), will be gravy Americans like.

BMW has had the i3 BEV / REx feedback, and foot traffic, to end up here. Lastly, EREV is a ticket out of big DC charging development.

Still calling it vapor.

THEY’LL PROBABLY WANT $1Milliion $$FOR CUZ IT’S A BMW…P.O.S…………L O L ….I had a 750 nothing but problems…don’t know why people buy expensive JUNK!

“The drivetrain has also been the subject of many speculations, we’ve heard them all, from a fully-electric platform to a hybrid and even hydrogen-powered.”

And what if it has all 3 options? Like the i3 offers option of 100% EV + REX.

Option 1: 100%EV with 200miles
Option 2: 125Km EV + eDrive like the i8 but less powerfull
Option 3: 125Km EV + Hydrogen with more power & overall range then option 2

It would fit the modular approach BMW as taken with the “i” series. And it would differentiate it from PHEV line up for the none “i” series.

That would explain why so many rumors and why it could a stagered launch, 2018 Option 1 & 2, 2020 for option 3.

This is extremely bad news. Not only is the i5 way to late after the i3, but now it would not have the i3 system which is exactly was is so good about the i3. Instead we would have an ELR copy cat with an hybrid system. The more we don’t want weird doors and unnecessary luxury that send the price sky high, we want an affordable car in the 40 or 50 not in the 100.
Why would it be that we can buy a base serie 3 or serie 5 seating five with standard doors and normal power, and we would not be able to have a sedan model of the i3 with the same clever not over powered i3 system. They only thing they have to change in comparison with the i3 is giving a decent tank of 12 gallons, a direct free piston more compact generator and a somewhat larger battery. We will also be trilled by the removal of the interior pollution with leather and unnecessary luxury woods that give me a feeling to be back in flintstones age.