BMW i4 Arriving In 2021 To Rival Tesla Electric Sedans


It will be the 4 Series Gran Coupe’s electric brother.

In March this year, during the Geneva Motor Show, BMW confirmed it will put into production the i Vision Dynamics concept. Essentially, the model will become the electric brother of the 4 Series Gran Coupe and will be manufactured in Munich, Germany.

According to a new report from AutoExpress, the production version of the study will become the i4 electric vehicle in 2021, when it will debut to fill the gap between the i3 and i8. At the Paris Motor Show earlier this month, the British magazine had the chance to talk to company boss Harald Kruger about BMW’s electric plans and he confirmed the i4 will be launched shortly after the iX3 and iNEXT electric crossovers.

“We have already over 300,000 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids on the road and more are on the way,” Kruger explained. “In 2019 we’ll launch the Mini Electric. In 2020 the BMW iX3 will come. Then in 2021 we will launch the BMW iNEXT and the i4, so by that year we will have five core electric vehicles on the ground. This underlines our strong commitment to future mobility.”

Based on the manufacturer’s CLAR modular architecture, designed to accommodate gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid, and pure-electric powertrains, the i4 will basically be part of the 4 Series Gran Coupe lineup and will feature a more conventional design compared to the i3 and i8.

BMW i Vision Dynamics official image

“Yes, you could put it that way. The vehicles will be closer to the cars we have already in market. Look at the iX3; it’s really an i but it’s also an X3. Look at the i4 and you’ll see it’s clearly an i but it’s close to a car whose name may begin with 4,” design director Adrian van Hooydonk added.

The i4 will be aimed at Tesla’s Model 3 and Model S sedans in terms of range. BMW predicts the stylish four-door vehicle will be able to travel up to 375 miles (600 kilometers) between two charges, while the iNEXT will be “on top of that.”

Source: AutoExpress

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The second part of the headline is just superfluous nonsense.

I just added “of today” and had a chuckle, myself. opposed to non-superfluous nonsense.

It will certainly have underwhelming EV range and overwhelming price with astounding dealer markups

True, but the dealers will surely throw in 2 free oil changes with each one, so there’s that.

They really need to fix the Dog-Face grill.
Maybe BMW’s Aerodynamics Engineers can override that high speed drag front end, in the name of maximum performance and range.
Look, no one needs a BMW grill to identify the car, if you keep the BMW logo.

The i8 has one of the most spectacular front ends of any car. The i4 is turning into its buck toothed, hick cousin.

The kidney grills have been replaced by a chalk outline of an a$$ print?

Mighty cheeky of you to make that observation.

No doubt that grill will be the butt of many jokes.

True, if people are looking at your car you could ask:
“Are you lookin at me Bum, you Bum Looker.”

Who cares what it looks like? As long as it hauls ass.

Umm. Everyone that would buy it. No one wants to be seen in a literally”butt ugly” car.

YAWN- Model XXXXX coming in 202X to rival Tesla …
(Not to mention often with some outlandish and hideous eye sore like that grill!!!!)

In the next couple of weeks, we can listen to the BMW CEO coming and letting us know how the BEV adoption is going to be expensive and how it will destroy the German economy

You don’t hear the folks that run Jaguar crying in their curry about the iPace.

Taking about Model Y?

“Taking” it where?

Another 3 year years of head start for Model 3? Assuming this will start at $35K? I admire BMW’s confidence in its new 3 Series that it feels it has no immediate need for a Model 3 rival despite the fact that it’s increasingly turning the lower luxury class upside down.

The way that front end looks, it looks like BMW will be fine with low sales of this model. Not to mention their Tesla competitor.

600 km on a charge. That will probably be based on the reliable new bavarian test cycle.

Though hast cut me to the quick.–BTC

That’s in 2 years… Close to an eternity in the current EV universe.
The model Y will already be close to shipping.

I am not a fan of BMW’s recent beaver look. The new X7 grill looks ridiq.

Get rid of the stupid fake grille already…

“up to 375 miles in two charges” … ???? My early 2017 Bolt ev can easily do that now… Big deal

Why didn’t they say “Up to 750 miles in only four charges!” Sounds WAY more impressive 🙂

Well the grille is a bit of an acquired taste, but I am cool with that.

I did watch Sandy Munro’s video of the i3 tear down the other day. Definitely gives me a new appreciation of BMW engineering. Hopefully what they learned with the i3 carries over into this car and more importantly the 3 series. There is only so much turd polishing you can do with that car compared to the Model 3

Bugs Bunny will like the front very much ….. but for me it hurts and would need ‘Photoshop’ to fix it .
From the side very nice styling of a grand coupe.

2021 is too far away for this to be a real thing…

And people thought the i3 was ugly…

Yes, I know. The looks are likely the least interesting and most pointlessly controversial aspect of a new vehicle. But really. This is trash. (Full disclosure, I think BMW has gone steadily downhill since the E46 M3 (yes, I am that old)) The i3 was a refreshing change, had a unique look befitting its unique powertrain, and most of the styling ques were at least partly functional. This i4… seems to only have carried the non-functional styling ques. Good job, guys.

Rival Tesla sedans in 2021?! There will be possibly more than a million Model 3s on the road all over the world by 2021. They’re still comparing their products with Model S which hit the market 5-6 years ago. Do they really compete for the past?

It looks pretty good except for the ridiculous outline of their kidney shape on the nose. What were they thinking? How much more do you suppose you’d have to pay to leave that off?