BMW i4 Might Become i4 80 sDrive & i4 80 xDrive

OCT 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 25

BMW i4 with an 80 kWh battery and RWD/AWD options?

According to the latest rumors about the upcoming all-electric, four-door midsize BMW i4 (based on the BMW i Vision Dynamics concept), the potential names could be:

  • BMW i4 80 sDrive (for rear-wheel drive)
  • BMW i4 80 xDrive (for dual motor all-wheel drive)

The “80” is expected to represent the nominal battery capacity of 80 kWh. We assume that BMW will mark the battery size to distinguish versions with different battery sizes. The lower version could be 60 kWh or something.

The i4 is expected on the market around 2021. The new 5th generation eDrive platform for BEVs will be offering ranges between 550-700 km (340-435 miles).


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BMW is the brand that disappointed me the most, tbh. After the i3 i really thought they were going to be one of the EV leaders with the i-Brand… 5 years later and the next i-car is still 3 years away 🙁 There must have been some serious internal struggle..

Doubt it

“” There must have been some serious internal struggle “” yes indeed and the Petrol-heads (and bean-counters) won and most of the I-team left to greener pastures where EV’s are more appreciated.

BMW plug ins now represent 6% of its sales. 4 times the industry average.

Growing at 40~60% per year.

Whatever – talk is cheap – show me something.

“Show me what you got!”

Behind BYD and Tesla in electrification. Ok

BMW needs to stop naming their cars with names that look like software license keys!

BMW!480xDrive Makes a great password!

dammit now everyone knows and I have to change mine… thanks a lot.

Like it. Goes with the brand

Ok fine bmw but you’re awfully late to the party….there will be nearly a million model 3s on the road in the USA by the time the i4 hits the USA market and at least a 100k model 3s in Germany too.
Will the base i4 compete with or beat the new, even better 2021 base model 3 in performance, range, safety features, price or reliability?? It seems like only performance will be the one area where this bmw competitor may be able to beat the much better than now new model 3 in 2021. And I’m only referring to the base model 3.
Of course i4 looks n ride may be subjectively thought as better than the model 3’s in 2021 too

We all crave, love n need more competition in the bev marketplace but nearly a decade after the innovative n efficient i3 hit the streets is way too long to wait.

They are not late. It has all to do with European Euro6 emission regulations. The new attachment to Euro6 will come into force from 2021, and until then there is no point converting fully to BEV’s.

Not late. Better then GM and Ford at this moment

Hey!, it’s only this year that they stopped making the Focus Electric, last year for the CMAX Energi… Well, um, 2019 brings a larger battery to the Fusion Energi… 7.6 to now 9 KWh for 25 miles! Wow. Ok, nevermind. You’re right.

Next year 3 – 3.5 million Evs will be sold, Tesla is likely to represent 10 maybe 15% of those.

We need more than Tesla.

BMW looking like it will sell 140k plug ins of the 2m. this year. Imagine the goal next year approaches 200k. #doingmorethanmost

Hey, I welcome any full BEV with decent range (+200km) from a company that produces more than compliance numbers (e.g. >35,000/year).
Fail to do that and you’re just part of the LICE problem mankind is trying to cure.

BMW is Selling 1600 530E a month in China alone.

I have to stop skimming articles here and posting, because all I got was an i4 80’s S/X Drive and kept thinking “The Pride of Austria, Vienna’s Very own Falco!”

Nice, but 2021? After the excellent (now evolved) i3, this could be a goer, certainly more encouraging than the iX3 truck. And then there’s the BMW senior exec talking dirty diesel, last week. Serious danger of losing the plot – I hope BMW is still in business in three years…

The IX3 will sell double this

I think BMW are making a mistake, most consumers don’t care and don’t need to know the capacity of the battery in the car. What they care about is real world range for various conditions (winter, summer, rain, highway, city etc). Tesla did this with the X and the S but they realised that consumers don’t need to know this and changed it for the Model 3 which was entirely correct.

It’s more of a status symbol. If you have an 80Kw i4 and your neighbour has a 60kw i4 some people are going to want their neighbour to know they have a better/more expensive/more showy car. Similar to a 328i versus a 340i now.

If that’s the big battery it’s a disappointment and will not mean an EPA range of 435 miles.

The Ioniq, which is the most efficient ev to date, has a 124 mile range from 27 kWh Net capacity. If the i4 would be equally as efficient it would mean the i4 would get 367 miles and that would be as optimistic add it can get. More like 330 miles is realistic. So I hope to death the 80 kWh battery is the small one.

You can’t get Ioniq either