New BMW i3s Priced About 10% Higher Than Standard i3 (€3,600) in Germany

AUG 31 2017 BY MARK KANE 31

The newly announced BMW i3s with upgraded 135 kW electric motor, and other performance tweaks, will reatail for about 10% more than the standard i3.

BMW i3s

The difference between the i3s and i3 in the plug-in’s home market (Germany) to be €3,600 (nearly $4,300 USD), while the range-extender option adds €4,600.

Prices in Germany (incl. VAT):

  • BMW i3 (94 Ah): €37,550 (≈$44,600)
  • BMW i3 REx (94 Ah): €42,150
  • BMW i3s (94 Ah): €41,150 (≈$48,950)
  • BMW i3s REx (94 Ah): €45,750

In the U.S., the i3 begins at $45,445 (incl. destination charge), so adding on the same ~10% for  the i3s would be still within $50,000 (~$42,500 after federal tax credit).

In the UK, the price of the i3s are higher by £2,905 (≈$3,750).

Prices in UK:

Torque  (Nm)0 – 62mph (Seconds)Top Speed (mph)Combined (mpg)CO2 Emissions (g/km)From


BMW i31702507.393n/a0£34,070
BMW i3 Range Extender1702508.193tbc13-14*£37,220
BMW i3s1842706.999n/a0£36,975
BMW i3s Range Extender1842707.799tbc15*£40,125

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Dream on if you think you are selling many at that price with such a crappy range !

They sold 18220 i3 from Jan to July 2017. Their Leipzig plant has a capacity of around 30000/year. Their factory is running at max and they sell every car, they build. They need to sell mich more so that another/bigger factory is run at profit, but the demand is not big enough yet.

Sure…but the game has changed. The Chevy Bolt is available and the Tesla Model 3 is cranking up production.

So this minor upgrade really means they are falling behind.

How it’s possible someone to like that soap-dish.

I think it looks awesome….except the two tone paint. Then again I own a Subaru Baja which I looked high and low for a non-two tone paint on that. Same basic issue with both. Everyone else thinks they are ugly and indeed the two tone versions I agree. But the other versions are simply cool and unique. No accounting for bad taste I suppose.

The Baja was weird.

Search your soul. It’s possible you are weird. Do you find yourself sometimes upset you missed out on the BRAT?

One word, Fugly.
Also, when you look at it from behind, it looks like there is another car underneath it.

The needed range is a very personal thing. I don’t need more range than the 81 E.P.A. miles (~100 actual miles in my situation) of our 2014 i3 BEV and I don’t want to drive a heavier car to have more unneeded range. Fortunately, battery cell energy densities are increasing.

I appreciate the i3’s light and strong but expensive construction with an aluminum frame, CFRP passenger cabin, and thermoplastic exterior panels. Our i3 will never rust in our salty, humid climate unlike other less expensive EV’s.

I appreciate the i3’s rear wheel drive and sophisticated multilink rear suspension in contrast with front wheel drive and twist-beam rear suspension on other less expensive EV’s.

I appreciate the i3’s compact exterior and very tight turning circle yet spacious-feeling passenger cabin. With flat-folding 50-50 rear seats and a hatch, I appreciate being able to transport fairly large items occasionally.

I appreciate other i3 design, tech, and performance features as well, but I understand that most EV buyers don’t always value what I value. It’s good to have choices.

Sure, if you ignore the big elephant in the room…the ridiculously high price!

They actually lease out quite reasonably. My main gripe is the seating for four vs five.

Lease or buy used at 18k-20k with 15k miles in any car selling website. Unless you have money to buy outright it’s not worth buying electric now. Brought a volt and im still have 16k to go with 4 more years to go. ???

The 500e and Leaf sells for under 9k after lease return so $20k is still expensive.

No leaf for me. Especially used. BF hates the looks

Went in to my local BMW dealer. It’s a wonderful car to drive. Very peppy. 50k msrp but the salesman said it can be reduce 20k under msrp due to it being a demo and loaner, it has 2600 miles on it. I got to see if my BF will go half in with me

Mine too! The local dealership in Allentown sells the i3 and supports it, which is more than you can say for many manufacturers, the REx setup is perfect for our needs as a one-car family, and my wife would really prefer a car with forward automatic braking – but we have three kids.

Probably going to upgrade the C-Max Energi to used Bolt or Model 3 in a few years.

By your logic everyone should buy a Chevy Malibu and not a 5 series BMW or Audi A6. Some people are willing to pay extra for hemp fiber interior parts. It’s the free market.

Not some people….few people. This is simply not worth the money. Indeed, free market.

Spacious-feeling passenger cabin? You should try getting in one of the competing cars you dismiss. The Bolt feels are more open inside and has much more passenger space in the back seat and storage space. It’s night and day.

Honestly, your post sounds more like justification of what you already paid for than actual criteria for selecting a car.

I’m not sure which other EV you’re talking about rusting. Cars have used galvanized steel for 30 years now. Even if made of steel your car would be on the scrap heap before it rusted.

Did you not read my posts? The Bolt has less room for the driver and the seat is not nearly as comfortable. A 375lb man that was in my car could not even squeeze into the Bolt’s driver’s seat. Have already driven 3 Bolts extensively, hard plastics and econobox trim and FWD are not the things you find in the BMW with its advanced construction. Not everyone needs to drive over 200 miles a day. A M sports version of any BMW is about $3500 or so more, so no big surprise. Many people will pay for the sharper handling and fun to drive quotient of this car. Sign me up….sooner the better. Looked at the Bolt, considered the new LEAF, bUT I just don’t see it being nearly as fun or sporty as the i3, so I will probably get another i3. That makes my EV ownership history the following: 2012 LEAF.SL, 2014.Focus EV, 2 2014 i3s, 2015 i3, 2017 i3, and hopefully.the 2018 i3s.I’m hooked as many others whi have driven i3s are, till I find something as uniquely appealing.

Yes, I read your post. You read your post. Your post didn’t say anything about the driver specifically. I’d take the 375lb person challenge if they were here. I’ve had plenty large people in my Bolt (but honestly not quite that large) and no complaints. Not in front or back. Meanwhile I’ve been in the back of and i3 and even regular sized people complain about getting in and out and the small space back there while they are in there. Put a person next to a window that doesn’t even roll down and you’ll be hard pressed to get them to volunteer that the car feels “open” when sitting in it. Meanwhile the Bolt has lower window sills front and especially rear. This means a lot more visibility, giving a feel of openness the i3 doesn’t have. Hard plastics? The i3 also has an interior of hard plastics. With cat hair glued to it. Maybe the small swath of wood in the middle is convincing you of something that isn’t the case. Press on the door panels, see if they feel soft. They certainly do not. I’ve driven an i3. Other than the lousy ride, I don’t see the… Read more »

Germans love to buy German cars.

CEO pay effect. These prices look reasonable to GROSSLY Paid CEOs.

Ignore the MSRP, most of the i3 are selling with 10k discount from manufacture and dealership before government incentives.

Where? Can you provide links to dealer websites?

Princeton BMW, NJ.
Has good sales people for EV’s.
Know all the discounts available.

Their site doesn’t even list i3 new inventory. It produces errors (“Our apologies, there are no matches using: “Sedan””) if you click the “view new inventory” button for the i3.
This is for leases…if you go down the list far enough you will see some BMW “deals”.

Leased are better then buying. These cars depreciate faster then a 3 going 0-60 time. This tech is always evolving which causes to depreciate

BMW is close #2 behind Tesla in 2017-YTD sales. So don’t underestimate them.

Not in EV sales. Only in plug-in sales. And that’s because of all the sub-20 mile range plug-ins they sell. They’re cars optimized to do little other than take advantage of the plug-in incentives available in Europe.

And not close in total sales, only plug in sales, lol.