BMW i3s At Road Atlanta (w/video)


BMW i3s At Road Atlanta

BMW i3s At Road Atlanta – Image Credit InsideEVs / Michael Beinenson

Who said ownership of the BMW i3 must limited to city or highway driving only?

Peachtree Chapter of BMW CCA did not think so and for the first time ever BMW i3s participated in the annual Drive School event at Road Atlanta.

Over the weekend. i3 owners were able to learn how to handle their vehicles on the track and in a single 20-minute driving session up to 82% of the battery was used for pure fun and acceleration. Charging was a bit of an issue, but everyone brought their portable EVSEs (GE and Clipper Creek models) and with a bit of electric ingenuity the cars were able to charge between the runs.

On Sunday a touring lap was offered to those trying out the track for the first time and 5 i3s took the front stage. From the very first laps it was evident that the BMW i3 is a the Ultimate Electric Driving Machine! Acceleration and handling was amazing for the conditions provided and participants had a lot of fun.

Tons of data was collected and will be published soon but for now enjoy the this BMW i3 fun race!

BMW i3s At Road Atlanta - Image Credit InsideEVs / Michael Beinenson

BMW i3s At Road Atlanta – Image Credit InsideEVs / Michael Beinenson

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The i3 is also very unique in being the most efficient AND quickest car in its class. Quite a technical achievements. I was at the Camarillo dealership the other day and saw a $49900 BEV two year lease for only $2500 Down and $200/month! With $5k down it was $99 month! Not bad at all for a $50000 vehicle. I kid you not, some guy picked up a 2015 LEAF in Glendale and told me he was paying $500/month! You really need to shop! Im 99% sure I will be getting an i3 at the end of this year.Just trying to decide between white and grey. I will be keeping my Focus which is one of the great sleeper deal EV secrets also. Wonderfully luxurious car also. I actual prefer its luxury to the i3, but the dynamics of the i3 are unparalleled.

BMW CCA and Porsche PCA both tend to run 4, or 5 X 20min track sessions, at their “driver’s ed”.

Paying your share of a track rental ($250-500), and then using up the battery in one 20 minute session isn’t the stuff of repeat customers. Hopefully attendees got to ride with their instructors, and will some day be able to take advantage of mobile DCFC. Why not, some of those fees cover mobile ambulance?

I plugged in next to an i3 this morning and it looks a lot better in person than it does on a computer screen. It was the dark grey paint job and it looked pretty darned sweet. The funky dash would take a little getting used to but in a good way.
The rear charge port looks great for home but not so good for opportunity charging.