BMW i3 Wins Ward’s 10 Best Interior Award


BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW i3 Interior

BMW i3 Interior

Only one plug-in vehicle was selected by Ward’s Auto for its “10 Best Interior Award” and that vehicle is the BMW i3.

Here’s why Ward’s deems the i3 worthy of this award:

The i3 electric vehicle comes across as the type of interior seen in concepts at auto shows, often followed by production versions that lose some of the far-out edginess.

The i3 boldly goes where many automakers have yet to tread: deeply into the future. WardsAuto editors pick the i3 for its utility, use of recycled materials and for breaking ground with clever new interior design elements.

From a materials perspective, editors consider the i3 an absolute moonshot, not only for its carbon-fiber tub and thermoplastic exterior body panels but also for the recycled pop bottles and hemp used extensively throughout the cabin and the leather tanned with olive-leaf extract.

It’s a wild, surprisingly roomy interior that manages to be beautiful while fitting with the offbeat exterior

And here are this year’s 10 winners:

’14 BMW i3 ($52,550)
’15 Chrysler 300C Platinum ($51,175)
’15 Ford F-150 King Ranch ($60,675)
’15 GMC Canyon SLT ($40,465)
’15 Honda Fit EX-L ($21,590)
’15 Jeep Renegade Limited ($33,205)
’15 Kia Sedona SXL ($43,295)
’16 Mazda6 Grand Touring ($33,395)
’15 Mercedes C400 ($65,000)
’15 Nissan Murano SL ($41,905)

Source: Ward’s Auto

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If they would just change a few things on it. Either way, I will probably get on at the end of the year. Just trying to decide between white or dark gray.

WOW !!!

This is quite a kudos for BMW.
Using materials so inexpensive that no other auto maker has ever dared to use them before and inserting them in a $60,000 car definitely attracted attention.

If the award was given in Israel it would surely be called the Chutzpah Award !!

It’s $35,850 after tax credit in the states, not anywhere near the $60,000 you mentioned. It must take a lot of chutzpah to make such a weak argument. 🙂

I’m Sorry, I didn’t want to exaggerate so I underestimated to avoid a comment like yours.

Bmw i3 base with range extender $55,850,00

California DMV tax and registration:
Grand Total Registration Fees: $5,786.00

Grand Total========$61,641

Grand Total Registration Fees:

Well deserved. This is the first truly innovative car interior I have seen in a long time. It felt very modern, airy and comfy on my test drive. Would like to hear from owners what their long-term experience is.

Looks like everyone is trying to help you today.

That report you were asking for:

Hm, wonder what motivates you to invent inflated pricing? The base price for the ReX is in fact $46,250. And the registration fee is nowhere near $5000. But you knew that.

Purchase a new BMWi3 with rex, and when you drive out the door you will have left the dealer a check in excess of $60,000.00.

Until one is seriously considering a purchase, one can be mislead by, among many things, the “equipped” price.
You simply missed a few BMW “Options”,,,
which prevent the MSRP from resonating with
“Real World” objectivity.

I would not mislead you with exaggeration.
Here have a look at our host site:

You said “base” and now you cite an article with a “loaded” version. You got it wrong.

But BMW makes people pay for the badge and they are well-known for charging large amounts for their options.

Boy,,it’s tough to share the facts sometimes.
Go to and you will find the dealers routinely listing their cars as I am sharing with you below,,e.g. “BMWi3 base with Rex”,,
Lacking the word, “BASE” is the exception to the rule,,,,,,,below is a “Typical Listing”:

2015 BMW i3 Base w/Range Extender

Solar Orange, 4 door, RWD, Hatchback, 1-Speed Automatic, Electric, Stock# V279004.

Bob Smith BMW ~ 12 mi. away
866-884-5523 Email Dealer


MSRP $55,850

2014 BMW i3 Base w/Range Extender

Silver, 4 door, RWD, Sedan, 1-Speed Automatic, Electric, Stock# EV273742.

Stevens Creek BMW ~ 6 mi. away
888-869-3055 Email Dealer


2015 BMW i3 Base w/Range Extender

Gray, 4 door, RWD, Hatchback, 1-Speed Automatic, Electric, Stock# FV278695.

Stevens Creek BMW ~ 6 mi. away


14 Photos

2015 BMW i3 Base w/Range Extender

White, 4 door, RWD, Hatchback, 1-Speed Automatic, Electric, Stock# FV278768.

Stevens Creek BMW ~ 6 mi. away


14 Photos/Video

2015 BMW i3 Base w/Range Extender

Solar Orange, 4 door, RWD, Hatchback, 1-Speed Automatic, Electric, Stock# 150995.

Weatherford BMW ~ 36 mi. away


Do I need to go on? The non-REX versions are even less. You can easily find an i3 for less than $35,000 if you take federal tax credit and CA rebate into account.

In Colorado it’s more like a $30k car with state and federal rebates…for what you pay and what you receive its a great deal. Here’s my only rub…if your going EV then go EV. All these gas assisted vehicles are a joke. So can’t wait for battery technology to get this vehicle closer to true 100 mike range WITHOUT extender.

I wonder If their Interior Is as Weather Proof As Their FRUNK! L M A O …..What a CAR!


Only designed to keep the rain off between Putts !

I know the weird styling of the i3 is off-putting to a lot of people, but I give BMW kudos for being bold in building an EV that does not try to hide its identity by imitating a gas guzzler. The Ford Model T didn’t try to look like a buggy that had misplace its horse, and an EV shouldn’t try to look like it has a huge engine in front and a gas tank in the rear.

I look forward to other EV makers being equally bold, or even more so.

The Mitsubishi i-miev doesn’t try to hide it’s identity either. Funny, I don’t hear anyone singing Mitsubishi’s praises for the bold design of it’s i-miev.

What am I missing here? Nothing about the interior strikes me as very modern or daring. Except the wooden dashboard, which will not allow you to put ANYTHING on it without it sliding off immediately

Money Buys *a^%w$%a^r^&d%$%^&…THINGS Including New Interiors …..

It is a very Zen interior. Very IKEA like. Simple. Clean. Functional.

You Got This Right !

Top Definition

   


A large furniture store that sells everything in a million pieces.

(open something that unexpectedly needs to be assembled)”Shit! I got Ikea’d”

you clearly havent been inside one, the interior is very clean, it feels like you are in a healthy place when in it lol i love it

These BMW are trying really hard but in the wrong direction! If they were to divert there efforts in making a Giga factory like Tesla and a similar car to the X or S then this will pay off much better than spending money on silly advertising like this one.

Ward’s are USA based and a lot of these cars are only available in the USA. So does not mean a lot to the real and rest of the world.

Since Israel controls finically and politically the US, Maybe the Wards award means more than just the USA 😎 as Disappointed alluded to.

No, that would be the Koch brothers.