BMW i3 Wins One More Car Of The Year Award


The awards just don’t stop coming for the BMW i3.

The latest, from Wheels Australia, is one more “Car of the Year” award for 2014.

This adds to numerous awards the i3 has received over the past year and a half.

Deservedly so, the i3 is quickly becoming one of the most awarded electric cars of all time.

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It definitely offers a unique driving experience. Great turning radius. Great traction on acceleration. Class leading acceleration AND efficiency. Like I said, I saw a BEV for $200 month, $2500 down, 24 mos lease on a $49,900 MSRP i3. Not bad at all!

Definitely the best car BMW has made to date.

Most not be a car guy then

my car guy son, owner of 1995 M3, SMART and Mini along with a BMW K1200GT..says “best car he has EVER driven”! And I have to agree..

We are going to see lots of accolades from publications and media outlets for the companies that are blowing out the ad budget like BMW can afford to do. Not a bad car… but overpriced for it’s capabilities like so many of these early EVs. I like this one… but not enough difference to not buy a second LEAF. Love My LEAFs. Same electric range, less complicated, just works.

I personally would only lease an electric car given the resale value and constant technical evolution. Given that, the BMW i3 lease prices are often a better value than some of the LEAF contracts. As I said, I have seen i3’s for $200 month, and a guy told me the other day he was paying $500/month for his LEAF S !

I do agree that BMW has done a fantastic job putting the body structure of this car together. They have set the standard in that regard. However, the main function of a vehicle is to be a source of transportation. When it comes to the electric range of the BMW i3 it does not stand out from the pack, and the performance of the BMW i3 Rex is pitiful. The BMW i3 Rex is an insult to the brand.

The i3 is without a doubt the ugliest electric vehicle on the market today. It looks like it was extruded rather than built. All that technology and car building expertise wasted on an EV that can only do 81 miles. Come on, if the ActiveE were updated with current battery technologies, the range would probably be 120-140 miles (close enough to the i3Rex) and that would alleviate most of the range anxiety and allow people to use their A/C, not have to deal with ICE and be in a proper BMW. Given the same charging ports, you would be able to take those long trips like the i3 couple reported here earlier without sweating it. Rather than the i3, they should have just put the technology into the Series 2 Active Tourer. Now that would have been a winner – an EV with utility and BMW looks.

Aguy, The couple you mentioned were not driving the BMW I3. They were driving the BMW I3 Rex.

What did happen to the 2 Series active Tourer? I haven’t heard much about that car lately.

@Forever Green. Have you seen the 2 Series Gran Tourer? To me, that car is exactly what is needed in the American market, utility-wise. Go to and look it up – there are like 30 pictures+ and see the 3 rows and utility ( BMW makes a streamlined carrier for up top ) in a form factor better and more aero than any SUV ( “SAV” in BMW vernacular ). They offer several powerplants including diesels. Sadly, no plug-in, but this BMW is really the ONLY BMW I get excited about ( that the common folk can maybe afford ).

Latest news from BMW that 2 Series Gran Tourer won’t make it across the pond. 🙁

Notes about the 2 Series – It’s compact size makes it ideal for a plug-in variant. The flat floor is due to the Mini FWDAWD platform just like Active Tourer.

The car isn’t beautiful per se, but so useful that it’s amazing the S. Koreans, Japanese nor Americans have made anything like it. Think Suburu Outback with 3 rows, nicer interior materials and quality and better mileage.

Driving the i3 is amazing. It feels so solid and smooth. Very well balanced and modern. The issue at hand that most people don’t like to talk about is how BMW built this car from the ground up and did not use an existing platform. It has equal weight distribution, low even center of gravity due to battery placement, light weight passenger cell due to its CFRP, and it’s a proper BMW with rear wheel drive. These cars sell like hot cakes all over california. It’s not unusual to see 3 or 4 when out for a drive in sunny Southern California

James, thanks for the information. Any car I buy has to have a plug. The BMW Grand Tourer is just too large a vehicle for me. I wanted the BMW I3 Rex, but I got discouraged after I found out it has so many performance issues. I have a Nissan leaf and I don’t want to go back to all electric. I need a safety net. BMW said they will fix the issues related to the performance on the i3 Rex this spring, so I’ll be waiting to see what they do. The Active Tourer is an excellent vehicle. It is a three cylinder all-wheel-drive plugin hybrid hatchback. That would have worked for me. I’m still hoping that BMW brings it to the US market.