BMW i3 Wins Green Car Journal’s 2015 “Green Car Of The Year” Award



BMW i3 Wins Yet One More Award

BMW i3 Wins Yet One More Award

One month ago, we wrote:

Usually, we’re rather enthusiastic when a plug-in vehicle gets selected as a finalist for an award, but in the case of the Green Car Journal announcing the BMW i3 as one of the five finalists for 2015 “Green Car of the Year,” we’re not jumping up and down in celebration.

Why? Well, Green Car Journal has a track record of naming somewhat worthy finalists, but then picking undeserving winners.

When you see the list of 5 finalists, it’s obvious the BMW i3 is the clear winner, but we wouldn’t be at all surprised if Green Car Journal ends up selecting the bi-fueled Impala or even the diesel Audi A3.

However, this time, Green Car Journal selected the right winner: the BMW i3

So, congrats are due for the BMW i3, a plug-in vehicle with a whole trophy case full of awards now.

It’s worth pointing out that Green Car Journal evaluates a vehicle’s “greenness,” as well as its mass availability in selecting a winner.

Here’s a look back at the 5 finalists selected for the 2015 “Green Car of the Year” award:

Audi A3 TDI
Audi’s all-new A3 TDI presents an exciting choice for those looking to go upscale and ‘green,’ appearing for the first time as a stylish four-door sedan featuring the automaker’s new fuel-efficient, 2.0-liter TDI clean diesel power plant.

BMW i3
Offering a lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) body on an aluminum space frame, BMW’s innovative i3 offers environment-conscious drivers all-electric drive with an optional internal combustion range extender.

Chevrolet Impala Bi-Fuel
The Chevrolet Impala Bi-Fuel sedan breaks new ground by offering the comfort and functionality of a popular mid-size four-door sedan with the ability to drive on affordable clean natural gas or conventional gasoline.

Honda Fit
Honda’s third-generation Fit features a new space-efficient body and flexible seating configuration to bring class-leading interior room, combined with 41 highway mpg from a new 1.5-liter Earth Dreams gasoline engine.

Volkswagen Golf
VW’s seventh-generation Golf offers something for everyone in a stylish and fun package, with new 2.0-liter TDI clean diesel, efficient four-cylinder gasoline, and in some areas of the country, all-electric drive.

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Yes, congratulations though I do think BMW has a wheel in the ditch and a wheel on the track, to quote Neil Young. This clean diesel garbage has got to stop. Clean, why? Only because it so dirty before.

Yeah, Of the 5 I’d give the award to the BMW I3, (a few of the drive electric event participants, myself included, had a nice test drive in the vehicle in Syracuse, NY this summer), since its a well handling, space efficient, fun to drive, and the controls are all pretty good. I wish they’d stop saying the TDI stuff is so Ecology-Centric. Its not like you’re going to die today or tomorrow but I’d say the CNG Impala is much healthier to be around. I’d probably buy one my self if I could get a decent home refueler (I don’t care for anything currently on the market, at least at the prices they want) if one was made. That’s the point. The powers-that-be have DECIDED that H2 is the new green fuel, and any amount of gov’t subsidies and advertising needed to convince John Q. Public of the Latest Fairy Tale is going to be spent… Until they run out of money, that is. So looks like I’ll basically be totally electric from here on in, (a few gallons of gas in the volt every year I don’t count), since there’s nothing appealing about H2 vehicles to me. No… Read more »

+1 on the home CNG refueling. I’ve always felt that was a good solution since most people have the fuel already piped into the house.

But battery progress has tipped the scales to EVs, especially when factoring in the cost of the compressor.

Keep your eye on your therms/GGAs. Demand for natural gas has outstripped pipe capacity, in at least the northeast and portions of the mid-west. Natural gas fired electric systems, pushing air that is heated in homes supplied with natural gas, is quickly killing its economics.

Ok, what is a ‘GGA’? If you’re talking about a Micro-COGENERATION unit, I’ve looked into those but I can’t justify the price/benefit ratio just yet. I use another way to squeeze every bit of heat energy out of the methane => I use an unvented heater (7000 btu/hr) for a ‘hard to heat’ family room which greatly reduces my need for the central furnace, which at 100,000 BTU/hour, is pretty minimal anyway, especially for a 2200 sq ft house. If you are talking about Natural Gas fired power plants, we’re in total agreement. I consider Natural Gas to be a “Premium” Fuel, and it shouldn’t be wasted on ‘boiler fuel’, but should be used to make value-added industrial products, such as plastics, fertilizer; and for home use should be used for the relatively meager amounts I use it for in the home. Its my current largest energy source. Boiler fuel should be Coal, in my opinion. I would guess quite a bit of coal is going to end up as an incidental making hydrogen for all these new cars, since its politically incorrect to just use it in a straight power plant, even with SO2 scrubbers and mercury reclamation. I… Read more »

BMW has put a lot of effort in this car and they deserve the award. Congratulations!

Now where’s my forest green i3? 🙂

The i3 is by far the most energy-efficient vehicle among the finalists. Well-deserved award indeed.

Kudos BMW! For this drivetrain, it well deserved.