BMW i3 Will Shock You – Video


BMW i3 Will Shock You

BMW i3 Will Shock You

Not literally.

“The BMW i3 will “SHOCK” you with how good it is for a city commuter.”

Writes the BMW i3 reviewer seen in this video.

The reviewer continues:

“Maybe I was too quick to judge but this car is pretty impressive for what it is.  Its roomy and the execution is spot on BMW. I’m impressed.”

The BMW can’t be judged by its outward appearance.  It’s one of those vehicle that you just have to drive before putting down a judgment.

Trust us.  Aside from the Tesla Model S and perhaps the just arrived Mercedes-Benz B-Class ED, the BMW i3 is probably the best all-around fully electric vehicle available in the US today.

The reviewer ends with this:

“Now, I put you in the driver’s seat. What say you?”

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Roomy? Hmmm… not the one I drove.

“Its roomy…” No, “It’s roomy…”.

It is roomier than a 3-series.

I don’t see how they can call it roomy. It felt less roomy than my Ford Aspire. The Nissan Leaf qualifies as roomy, not the i3.

Hmm, the one I drove was impressively roomy for such a small footprint. Felt open and airy.

that should come as no surprise given that it has a high roof; as does the Nissan Leaf.

I did a test drive and came out impressed enough to forgo the Volt or the ELR and opt for the i3. It’s different, it is roomy, I love the fit and finish. A true technology statement all around. (Yes I will go for the i3 REX as there is not enough fast charging station in QC)

So I take it you just need a commuter car, not one for longer trips?

I have a need for 1 car, one that can work for me in all conditions.

as long as “all conditions” means local travel then you should be OK…

i know that it all sounds simple to you now and that you might actually believe that you can drive an i3 REx in “all conditions”, but if you ever tried to take that car on a long trip, you will probably quickly grow tired of having to stop every half hour to get gasoline when you actually have to face the reality of the limitations of the i3 REx for use in anything other than local travel.

Every half hour? Here we are not allowed to drive 600 km/h.

Maybe every 2,5 hour… For a fast charge and a fill up. It has pretty much the same rate and charge/fill up time as a Tesla and getting the same distance between them.

But then would you call the Tesla a long trip car or a car for just local trips?

Not many people even do 600 km trips regulary, which would demand one stop. And if you go further than needing two stops or three then I would recomend you to fly instead.

i have no idea about from where you are getting your information and numbers…

the BMW i3 REx has a 1.9 gallon gas tank; given that the i3 REx is rated at 39 MPG, you can drive about 78 miles before running out of gasoline. highway speeds in the US tend to be in the 70-80 MPH range. in the real world, most people do not drive the tank to empty before filling up, so you would probably want to start thinking about refilling when you have less than a gallon left in the tank typically. that means that after 30 minutes of driving you’re going to start thinking about filling up again.

the total range for an fully charged/fully fueled BMW i3 REx is about 150 miles; in cold weather conditions, the range is less than that. 150 miles is a range for metropolitan area driving because in a major metropolitan area in the U.S. you can easily drive over 100 miles.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it snows in QC and the i3 is rear-wheel drive….

But weight distribution is better than a typical RWD car with the engine in front. FWD usually brings superior traction because of the engine weight. That would not be the case in an i3.

Yes it does, your point? I have driving rear drive car for many years, proper tires and adaptation to conditions usually is enough. And I have seen videos of the i3 in the snow, seems pretty good.

The water test convinced me not to get one.

The $50,000 for a 4 seat 80 mile BEV with goofy, impractical rear doors and bodywork nobody but BMW can repair convinced me not to buy one.

45k and only 80 miles. Every other month I take a trip that is 256 miles. For now I’ll stick with the Volt. More than enough range for my daily commute and then a no power loss range extender for my longer trips. And way less money

you have got to suspect that the BMW i3 is an inferior car when BMW seems to invest so much effort in messaging to convince people to the contrary. they even go so far as to try to convince people that the car is already a commercials success when they haven’t even completed the roll out – so, in the real world, it is impossible to determine commercial success or failure at this point. it’s a standard game: convince people that the car is a success before it actually is; get people to believe it; and then the car will become a success in reality.

actual selling prices on BMW i3’s that i have seen at a chicago dealership run in the range of $50,000 to $55,000. it will be interesting to see if there are enough suckers who are willing to shell out that kind of money (minus $11,000 after rebates and tax credits) for a car that looks like cars that costs 1/3 that amount.

I would bet you are not driving an EV for writing things like this. I was driving an 2010 M3 before being a “sucker” buying an i3 and I have no regrets. The look of the car might not be the sexiest for everybody but who cares. The car IS roomy, more than my M3 that was also a 4 seater and who cares if some people think it’s ugly. The car is a lot of fun to drive, has a lot of technology and doesn’t smoke. When I look at my daughter, I don’t care about the look of the car, I care much more about her future and I am proud of the choice I made. I do not suffer of this change at all.

Ya it drives great but its still ugly

BMW badge make doesn’t make it look good either, no excuse for the cars appearance

Volt >>

I could never buy a Chevy. Too common. Like a boring appliance with terrible UI.