BMW i3 Is Wheels Australia’s Car Of The Year (w/video)


The BMW i3 has won more than its fair share of awards since hitting the market in November 2013 in Germany.

One of the i3’s latest awards comes to us from Australia in the form of Wheels Australia’s Car of The Year 2014.

Wheel Australia states this of the i3:

Both admirable and desirable, the i3 is the car that signals, loud and clear, electric propulsion’s readiness for the road ahead.

For its far-sighted clarity of vision and unswerving execution, the i3 is Wheels Car of the Year 2014. It is the first electric car and the first BMW ever to win our award.

Here’s Wheels Australia’s video on the i3 being declared a finalist for the award it later won.

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Well, perhaps Australia will create an incentive program for EVs then?

(Not likely with Tony Abbott. Ugh.)

Haha I wish! You should have seen the uproar it caused when this car won. It was ridiculous!

At least it disproves EVs need incentives to survive.

I wouldn’t be so quick to rule that out, the EV scene in Australia is embarrassingly small. The LEAF has been on sale here for about three years and they’ve sold less than 500 in that time. We need all the help we can get!

Yeah, that is pretty dead. Well, you do use right-hand drive but that is no new thing to Nissan and Tesla has it as well.

Australia could really use some EV incentives. Hey, if for no better reason than to burn some of that extra coal that can no longer be sold to China in order to buy a Titanic. (I guess it has been put on ‘ice’ 😉 as it were.)

But really, Australia has a very high penetration of solar PV and I’d hope that some of those people would like to use their extra electrons to drive on. It is MUCH cheaper than paying for petrol.