BMW i3 Video: The “First” Hot Lap

DEC 14 2013 BY JAY COLE 17

BMW USA has put out a video it calls “The first-ever BMW i3 Hot Lap,” and much like you would expect to see as you watch, it is basically the BMW i3 on the track, doing its thing.

BMW i3 Takes Its First "Hot Lap"

BMW i3 Takes Its First “Hot Lap”

The video shows the BMW racing around the track, dodging traffic cones, being sporty and what not – all to a catchy tune…then BMW cans the music to let you experience the day at the track in silence.

We have to say, given that Tesla does not do any mainstream marketing itself, this advertising spot is one of the first national product placement videos for an all-electric car that doesn’t feature anything about being green, plugging in, or saving money or any wildlife.

And while there is nothing wrong with promoting any of those worthy things…it’s a little refreshing to also just see a car being a car.

Hat tip to Tom Moloughney and the BMW i3 Facebook group (which is a swell place to hang out btw if you are into the BMW i3)

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Yep! This is a great commercial. I love how the music stops for a moment and all you hear is silence. It really drives the point home.

Egads, methinks they really want to sell this car…

We’re almost certain that’s an InsideEVs contributor in the passenger seat…Stay tuned…More to come in the future.

Awesome, so good to see this being covered on InsideEVs. It would be great if other EV makers took a note of this video clip.

Beats all the Volt commercials ever made….


Whimsy, I love it.

Damn, that car is ugly. It hasn’t grown on me one bit.

It looks better in person. Very futuristic.

Why is the future so ugly? 🙁

Have you seen it in person?

No, but you can’t hide fugly with a 360 degree view of something moving on video / film…

Believe me, it’s not the same in person. I speak from experience. That’s the whole point. While I wish that it was a classic BMW body style, it’s what it is, and it does come across differently when you stand next to it. Full stop.

Pedestrian standards and accountants. Would you buy a small BMW 2002 with electric drive but with minimal passive or active safety? Maybe but most people wouldn’t thus things look weird in the ever more practical future space.

While I am happy to see BMW get into the EV Game I have to Agree. This is an Ugly Car. Glad I drive a Volt.

BMW marketing at its best. This is how it’s done. Hope that you can get a “behind the scenes” scoop from Chris. I suspect that he may have had a hand in the choreography of this clip. Kudos!

For once, the EVs ads aren’t stupid… BMW is doing it right. It will get people to try the car out and as soon as they do, they will buy one.

After all, it is still a BMW.