BMW i3 Video Driving Review


Limited Run BMW i3 "Shadow Sport" On Display At The LA Auto Show (InsideEVs/Warren M)

BMW i3 “Shadow Sport”

Here is another quick review of the BMW i3.

While some of the insights are common with other reviews, what caught our attention was the driving expericne. appreciates performances/acceleration of the i3’s 125 kW electric motor, but also notes that the skinny tires makes i3 far from typical BMW driving dynamics.

“The i3 handles better than expected for car with tires skinnier than those found on a Mitsubishi Mirage or smart fortwo. It won’t hold up traffic on an on-ramp and can out maneuver other electric city cars like Mitsubishi i-MiEV and fortwo electric drive.

But BMW’s claim that the i3 still has the driving dynamics the brand is famous for is a bit of a stretch. The weight distribution is correct and acceleration is acceptable, but the steering response and cornering traction from these skinny tires are anything but sporty. The ride comfort is decent, but the i3 is susceptible to crosswinds, which is no surprise given its short wheelbase, tall body and narrow tires.”

A Fleet Of BMW i3s Ready To Be Shipped Out

A Fleet Of BMW i3s Ready To Be Shipped Out

Well, it’s city car after all.


  • Power
  • Range
  • Unique style
  • Front seat space


  • Price
  • Handling
  • Rear seat space


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10 responses to "BMW i3 Video Driving Review"
  1. Thomas J. Thias says:

    Harsh Opinion/

    I would think that longtime contributer here and Legendary #ElectricFueledVehicle, BMW ‘Electronaut’ Tom Moloughney would have had the same reaction to this idotic ‘report’ and video from Auto Guide ‘Road Test Editor’, Mike Schlee.

    I stopped watching the video half way through it in disgust! (Went back an watched the rest)

    11,000+ BMWi 3’s sold, US, thus far and this guy treats the BMWi 3 like a newely discovered Fiat 500e or Honda Fit EV micro car.

    (BMW calls the i3 a MegaCity Car)

    Making a snowman? Realy?

    Not smart enough to keep the battery topped off at night?

    In my opinion this guy is playing right into the hands of the coal burners.

    Mikey must be driving his gassers non stop, 24 hours a day.

    Like 74% of US commuters, my Chevy Volt EREV sit’s 94% of the time, unused.

    I refuel nightly on a 110V AC outlet off a 50′, 12 gage, outdoor rated extention cord, drive 14,000 miles a year at an OnStar rated 98% EV (*1), use a 110V AC at work and the scores of public 220V Free #EVSE’s / #EVFilingStation’s or available 110V AC outlets when out in public or cross country driving.

    “See a Movie, Drive Free!”

    I drive agressively and entertainingly at all times and have dumped the 3 ‘T’s’ of efficient EV driving; Temperature, Technique and Terrain guidance, in favor what I call the 4th ‘T’ which is Topping; as in always be topping off the battery.
    That is what the portable charge cord is for! lol

    I believe I can get the same wide open driving experience in the BMW i3 as I do in my Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle with opportunity charging and destination charging and of course routine 110V AC evening refueling, daily.

    For Mr. Schlee of Auto Guide to take this kind of a shot at a mainstream Electric Fueled Vehicle angers me.

    For Inside Evs to publish it and his comments without an editorial opinion attatched is surprising, especially with recent published antiEV action by A.L.E.C. and the Koch Brothers’ of recent note.

    My OP to Mr. Schlee on Twitter in 140 characters:


    Thomas J. Thias



    (*1) Link Goes To My MY15 Chevy Volt EREV Captured OnStar Data-

    1. Benjamin says:

      Wow. Somebody is rambling today. I think the review is pretty spot on.

      1. Liz says:

        I agree. I love my i3, but the tires are the weak link.

    2. Alpha777 says:

      Kids, Don’t do auto reviews on crack.
      I went past the LSD snowman segment, don’t know what that was about.

      He could also lose the snark too.
      As for rear seat room the i3 has as much or more than most of the competition.

      But, that All Black BMW i3 looks Great.

    3. James Brotherton says:

      Jeez what’s your problem it’s someone’s opinion. And my opinion is also that the i3 sucks. It’s so overwrought and has no benefit to my 500e.

  2. SolarStorm says:

    it’s the ugly look of i3 that killed it for me, especially give the price!

    The range, handling, etc are managable given that I wasn’t going to take it to Formula-E circuit:-)

    1. Alpha777 says:

      Trying to get 4 real adults packaged is a challenge.
      The VW Beetle has no problem selling.
      You say ugly, eye of the beholder.

      Specs beat looks in my book.
      Like 4 wheel independent suspension, and vented disk brakes.

  3. ffbj says:

    In the top ten of bevs.

  4. Dan says:

    I don’t mind the look, or the handling, or any of the other supposed faults. If it were 7-8 inches longer and had usable trunk space, I would buy one yesterday. Yeah, I live in a “Mega city” but I don’t carry smaller luggage because of that and my dogs don’t magically fit in any smaller spaces just because they are in the city.

  5. techguy says:

    HELP! please?
    I need a graph showing the Wh/miles for 10mph, 20mph and so on.

    Thanks very much!